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Alexei Zheglov
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Jeff, the company where I work has ordered SSDs for everyone. We can't wait for them to arrive! SSD is a no-brainer for me. One commentator said, it will save you a minute when you boot, so what - he must not understand what it's like to build a large enterprise application consisting of tens of thousands of files, when the disk I/O is a productivity-killing bottleneck. If a 30-minute build becomes a 5-minute build, we save 25 minutes per build, at a rate of X dollars per hour, and we do Y builds until the SSD dies, equals to Z dollars and there's our return on investment. Faster builds also mean more frequent builds and integrations, which should lead to higher quality of code. We need to put a dollar value on those improvements (fewer tech support calls, etc.) and include it in our ROI calculation. I definitely see the ROI, so -- I don't think the hot-crazy "How I Met Your Mother" analogy is really necessary :-)
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May 2, 2011