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Zijian Huang
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Anyone aware of linear search and binary search? Especially those in the camp of buying more RAM to the problems, you also need to buy more powerful CPUssss, and SSD etc, as your computer need to be 500 times faster. As many pointed out, optimization is not better algorithm. We programmers don't have moral ground to decide whether to buy more RAM or use faster machine to the problems, and the decision is the job of system engineer or project manager during deployment.
>"I can't take slow typists seriously as programmers." >That seems rather silly. The speed of typing has nothing to do with >programming. >I've seen good programmers that use the two finger method of typing. Just >because it takes them a bit longer to put down (even so, barely, >apparently if you do it a lot, you become fast regardless), it doesn't >affect the quality of their code. To MJ Yes those good programmers you saw were superior to most programmers, because they can remain good while having slow typing speed (less than 6 keys / seconds), and distraction of moving eye focus between the keyboard and the screen. In other words, while nothing can denies they are good, they must have greater brain power. In other words, while they have greater brain power, why don't they improve typing speed by using more fingers, and then have less distraction, and eventually become even better programmers?
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2010 on The Keyboard Cult at Coding Horror
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Oct 31, 2010