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Robertas Zilinskas
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Am I the only one who sees the similarities between Garnett and this guy? I mean both has almost the same shape when drafted as Highrolla1303 said. KG has a nice mid range shot so do JaJuan. Both are good at defence and I think JJJ is a bit the same emotional as KG (in some videos I saw that after I nice block or something Johnson bump into his chest like Kevin). And both are athletic. Of course, I woudn't expect JaJuan to be the same level as KG or not even close at that (good role player is maximum I think), but he can really help us from the bench.
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With Big-Z, Songaila or L.Kleiza (LTU) you can take: Heatai, Raptorsai, 76eriai ;)
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I really like our new guy - C.Johnson. Maybe he can develop into S.Erden type of player. I'd say - just give him a chance. We'll be lucky if we can add T.Murphy and C.Brewer. It will be enough imho. Bibby is not needed. C.Brewer is really great in D!
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Feb 28, 2011