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If you really want to beat this you need to get better than monthly updates about what you're using. I've been using this ( for the last few years and it works great. It registers fluctuation as it happens, like when your fridge kicks in, or the garage door is opened. In the first few months of owning one, I watched the dashboard continuously. Whenever a spike would occur I'd run around the house to figure out what just happened. On of the big ones was actually a 6 bulb chandelier. Each bulb was 40 watts, for a total of 240W. I swapped those for CF, bringing the total down to about 60W. If you're not comfortable inside your electrical box you might want an electrician to install it, but it's really painless. They even have third party apps ( I've been using Eragy, but I'm looking into Bidgely.
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Nov 28, 2012