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While there are some correct observations regarding the availability of source code, i'd like to focus at the start of the article, where i strongly disagree. In short, it says "Documentation always suck in many ways and it will always do. Don't even lose your time with it, just read the code". And since it is useless this also implies that you should not bother to write it. That's absolutely WRONG in my opinion. A complete documentation is important, it's not just a reference to what a function does. It also tells you what classes are available and when you should use them. If it is properly written it's much better than trying to read the source cose which may use a syntax you're not used to and various implementation details that you can't know. Try to read subversion source code. Just yesterday i was reading a discussion on git where the developer used Javascript implicit statement separator (which means you don't put the semicolon) and expression short-circuit instead of a normal if statement. The first of these even breaks some javascript minimizers. Am i supposed to read the code, understand these patterns, figure out what they're doing and what that var is used to instead of just reading a good documentation? That's crazy. Good documentation is a must, don't oversee it.
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Apr 17, 2012