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I know I'm about to lose any Star Trek geek-cred, but I have to be honest, OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THAT REFERENCE!!! I was so proud of myself when at the end [redacted] was sitting in a [redacted] just like in TOS! But man, was that an obvious fail on my part... *cry*
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I too want to see it again, right now; right now, right now, right now!! I was so so scared that I would hate it, even when you gave it the thumbs up and I saw the photo of you and @nerdist (which I saw just before I left for the cinema!)... I was scared that the complete Star Trek geek in me would be in pain for two hours, but it was awesome. JJ really did make this movie for everyone - geek and nongeek. Favourite line - "I'll be monitoring your frequency".
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