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Hey Wil... Just watched some Guild... Has anyone theorized you might be on the path to becoming the Dabney Coleman of our generation? I say this as someone who fuckin' worshipped the Coleman back in the day...Saw Cloak and Dagger in the theater! The guy mildly famous for saying "Don't be a dick" is shaping up to be a damn GRAND MASTER of pretending to be a dick! Keep going! Play every prick, every asshole, every shit, every bitchy, vicious, conniving, underhanded fuck that's offered to you. You are so damn good at it. I know...actors wanna do the whole range, no one wants to get typed, all that. I dig. But I am crying bloody tears of laughter over your portrayal of Fawkes. Just the body language gives me spasms. And I would love to see it lead to something like "Buffalo Bill" or "The Slap Maxwell Story" where the asshole is the main character, deep, nuanced, multi-layered and funny as all get-out. You could do it.
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Oct 21, 2010