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Armando, no clue as to why you never mention Marlon Moore as a possible answer to the deep passing game. Little production last year but he is a burner. One has to think that he has developed over the last year and can contribute in 2011. Like Mikes Austin, Moore is not a good route runner. But he should be improving. And like Mike Wallace in P'burgh the Fins should use Moore on go routes, easiest route to run.
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One final point - if Henne was able to show in practice, red zone drills, that he could throw the ball in tight spaces, go thru multiple progressions, keep his eyes downfield and on WR's while scrambling and find the open guy, does anyone really believe that Henning and/or Sparano would not loosen things up? I firmly believe that Henne is showing, in practice, that he's not yet ready to be a solid red zone passer. Yet.
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The problem is not about getting the Marshall the ball in the end zone, it is about getting ANY receiver the ball in the end zone. If Marshall is double teamed that leaves Bess and Hartline 1 on 1. So why not throw to one of them? The problem is Henne, perhaps. Or the problem is that Henning does not trust Henne. Either way, Henne is not throwing the ball enough in the end zone. To ANY of our WR's. If Henne's first read is not open, or the 2nd read is not WIDE OPEN he's checks it down or throws it away. These instructions must be coming from Henning and Sparano, with the mindset that a FG is much better than an INT. Fair enough, but where is the mindset that a TD is better than a FG? Obviously Henning believes that the chances of Henne throwing an INT is greatere than throwing a TD, so the ultra conservative approach is being pounded into our QB. Maybe Henning knows more than we do and is correct. Henne is not yet ready to do what the best QB's in the league do, go thru 3-4 progressions, then scramble around and hit the open guy. Then again, how is Henne gonna learn to do that unless he is given the chance? Then again, maybe he needs to prove he can do that in practice before trying to do that in games. Do any of us know how well, or poorly, Henne does in red zone drills in practice? If he is sub par in practice, do you think Henning or Sparano are going to say that, giving info to opposing teams and undermining the confidence of Henne? I think not. Hard for me to believe that Henning is stupid, stubborn or over the hill. I suspect he knows that Henne is not yet capable of being an effective red zone QB. And thus plays it safe with the guy. After all, a FG is better than an INT.
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Armando, you are correct. However, Henning is correct in the way he is using Henne. He cannot and should not be trusted, at least not at this stage. Let him "manage" the game and rely on the running game. Would I like to see more downfield passing, more "tight window" throws, less checkdowns? Sure. But until Henne proves he can do those things in practice and games, you put a tight leash on him. The Stats don't lie, you lose the turnover battle and your chances of winning go way down. The leash will come off next year. We all have to wait.
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Oct 31, 2010