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Keiron Nicholson
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Very nice! Sequence of lights thing is a really neat idea. But surely nobody at the uni could be so anti-bunny?! :P
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2009 on Magic Miffy at Computers, creativity and learning
Cool. :) Ben Goldacre and Bad Science have been the subject of discussion at PPIG. Congratulations on your award!
I'd echo 3 that David mentions - serious shortage of computing-related skills in the country ( and while demand continues to rise and CS applications (continue to?) drop. Meanwhile, we're boring kids to death in school with spreadsheets etc., so that they never do anything as cool with a computer in school as they could do by themselves at home. By the time a younger generation of teachers comes through to redress this the problem will be much worse and Britain/Scotland will have lost untold opportunities for economic growth through all of the computing-related work that NOBODY is doing because there's nobody to do it! AA etc. engage children with their work and introduce important programming/design/testing concepts that lay the foundations for engagement with CS in general. Plus in Scotland specifically, particularly important to provide exciting new activities for the Curriculum for Excellence, otherwise it'll revert back to the Curriculum for Boring by default.