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Hi Jennifer, Check out the extension website on home gardening: You can also call the Lehigh County extension office and see what classes will be offered this year. Their contact information is:
Hi Jolene, Thanks for your question. I cant answer it, though. Im unsure of the mushroom type. These were growing in my neighbors yard. Kate Sent from my iPhone
Im so glad you enjoy this lovely flower too! Sent from my iPhone
The decline of pollinators is well documented and there are people studying the problem. For instance, Penn State has a researchers looking at the issues: There are others as well, but this might be a good place to start if youre seeking more information.
That is wonderful news, Ruth! Thanks for sharing.
Hi Cece, I know someone who got interested in stewarding mason bees, after she worked with honey bees. Best of luck, Kate
Thanks for these observations, Kathy!
Thanks for your post, Lynn. I just saw a news article that said this year may be better than the last for monarchs. I sure hope so!
Hi Stephanie, your aconites will stop blooming soon, but they will come up next year just the same size. Sent from my iPhone
Yes, crocuses are so beautiful and, youre right, one of the early ones too. Lets hope we see them very soon!
You and me both, Susan:)
Thanks for the tip, Linda! Sent from my iPhone
Good luck with them!!! Sent from my iPhone
Im so happy to hear that, Diane. I think moths are really spectacular!
Very cool! They are fascinating to watch. Enjoy! Sent from my iPhone
They seem to like it next to our parking area, which is a very sunny location.
I hope you try to grow your own, Jenny. They really only require sunshine and a steady supply of water. The peppers and goat cheese do make a scrumptious combination! Sent from my iPhone
Fantastic, Carol. Thanks!
Thats wonderful! Enjoy. Sent from my iPhone
I havent but Ill give that a try this year! Thank you. Sent from my iPhone
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2012 on Growing Tomatillos at Lehigh Valley Master Gardeners
Thanks for that suggestion! Sent from my iPhone
Thank you for that idea. Sounds lovely! Sent from my iPhone
Thanks, Wesley! Thats great information.
Garlic seed is generally not available. The plants are best grown from garlic cloves. Use the large outer cloves for the best results.
Hi Shannon, I wasnt able to find out much information about this, but see some instruction. Good luck and Id love to hear how it went! Kate