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Cath Ü
Interests: doll making, painting, CRAFT chat group, weblogs, chatting, pixiling and designing websites.
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This is definitely your cutest book... I adore it...... Cath Ü
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2011 on Having a clean out. at Red Brolly
This is my all time favourte quilt... I have always loved the sukky puffs...... they are so cute......I will have to use some in a pattern... am I allowed to do that...?????? Cath Ü
While cleaning up yesterday I found two old hoops... I didn't want to throw them out so I kept them I have read this post I will use them to display a Raggedy and Teddy painting or stitchery... Thankyou..... I will be back regulary to check on your blog..... Cath Ü
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2011 on Hoop-la!!! at Red Brolly
You should also use the drawing of Goldilocks holding the teddy... that is cute.... I also love to draw... Raggedies, teddis, cats etc etc....... Cath Ü
Hi Bronwyn... I was one of the organizers for the retreat at Mt Alford... we sure did have a great time.... it is a wonderful place to stay. I live in Queensland and love it... except on State of origin night then I am blue through and through... LOL I have known Jeanette for a few years and she does the most beautiful work.... her work table was next to mine at retreat so I could see what she was working on all weekend. Your patterns are vey popular when I go to quilt shows too... I sell quite a lot of them.... Keep up the good work...... Cath Ü
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2011 on Sew and tell at Red Brolly
I am not a techie... I don't seem to be having any problems... I just write and publish... check online and edit if I have made a mistake.....Haven't had any trouble making links either... will have to make a new one to see if it still works... I love Typepad because it is easy to use..... Cath Ü
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Youre welcome again... LOL Cath Ü
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2010 on Baby Animals at Cathron Country Designs
Hi Judith..... I will be starting on next months shortly... I have put a few items away in the Christmas box..... I will get lots in there as I am also making Christmas gifts for our two big Christmas craft shows we do at the end of the year... so no rest for me from now on..... This will keep me on track with it all... so thank you for running this challenge..... Cath Ü