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Jennifer Spedowfski-Martin
Married mommy with five kiddos.
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I'd be happy for a little advice on blog-design. I love the way your's is set up. I'm stuck in a rut when it comes to mine. But writing advice is always welcome as well. :o)
I love this poem. No one (at least no one I have read) has demonstrated the subtle workings of marriage, the spirit of it that must work to get around the ego and hopefully to become everlasting. Magnificient work Denise!!
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Mar 15, 2010
That connection is, I think, the goal of most writers. It is a beautiful thing to find like-minded souls. At times, with my writing, I struggle to not immediately put it on my blog because I want to share it so badly and get a response immediately! :o) But your story demonstrates that it is well worth the wait to let all the pieces, well, come together! :o)
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This book sounds fantastic! I want to go right out and buy it! I was recently in a series of classes that were geared to help people deal with chronic pain. In it we learned that positivity really did play a part in helping you deal with pain. Being positive puts you in the right perspective and either lessens the pain or makes you more resilent against it. Like the nurses at the program said, it's not that you are ignoring the bad stuff that is happening in the world, it's just changing your orientation to focusing on the positive.
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I'm a spirited woman because I was a spirited girl. Before that I was a spirited baby. And before that, and still, I am a spirited soul. I love life. It is a beautiful process. Sure I've had plenty of hard times, but all they did in the end was make me softer, wiser, funnier and more grateful for the true, beautiful things in life. I can't stop myself from wanting to create: art, writing, and good times. I'm spirited alright...and it's a good thing because Divine Providence gave me a spirited life.
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