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jeffrey rice
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Dear Typepad team, I have loved the Typepad feel up until recently. The The Posts Settings area is changng so often and lost features that I once enjoyed seem to vanish. I had liberty to write a post in MS word and then paste on the post page... It offered MANY options and features and as of now are gone. I am an Optimist but I cant help but feel like I am stuck blogging in a small card board box with the Basic typepad-options now. It could be that i am not adjusting to the new The Posts Settings area. But it is just to simple and is not wise for business. Again, It is highly limited for me at least in any amount of creativity without the liberty of writing in MSword and pasting on the Post page.... If other people are happy with the Latest typepad- The Posts Settings area--more power to them. Yet i am looking for a solution to my challenge here. Any Fix you can share before i pull anchor?? Hope to hear from you! ThANK YOU! Jeff Yet, I know the pat-postive response I may get but i would encourage you to think about this and discuss it with whoever is making these decisions. it isn't business smart and is like a preschool-postsetting area.
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Mar 15, 2010