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Jean Gossman
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Tee shirts would be great; FHMA aficionados could spot one another. A Flash version of the map would also be great, with pop-ups of the posts, photos, and of course the music. And I know you hate Newburgh, but as a native upstater, I think that photo of Washington's statue is beautiful! I will miss the boys a lot!
The NYS roadside historical markers were erected between 1926 and 1939, so a change request is, you know, not really going anywhere at this point.
Thank you so much for the photo of the beautiful Roebling bridge in West Virginia! I have always wanted to see it since reading David McCullough's The Great Bridge. (The Roeblings built the Brooklyn Bridge, the topic of the book.)
Have fun in my home state! I am distantly related to ER, and I hope you will be able to visit Top Cottage and Val-Kill as well as Springwood and the Library. I am sure Fred and Hank will want to pay their respects at Fala's grave.