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Hi Ger- You can certainly do that. The tool helps in the case where you have the same DWG that you need to nest into multiple RVT projects. Instead of having to define the in place family in multiple projects, you can create it once in a single family definition, and load it into multiple projects, and use the tool to update each project as needed.
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In response to Paul Jordan, instead of having ot modify your Style Definitions to toggle the 'Single Line Graphics' settings for each System so they show solid, you can instead modify the 'Standard' display representation to show solids, then use the Navisworks Option "Use ADT Standard Configuration" For example, browse to Display Manager > > Configurations > Standard > Model. In the rows for Pipe, Pipe Custom Fitting, Pipe Fitting, Pipe Flex, make sure there are check marks in the "2 Line" column. Now verify in NWOPT > File Readers > DWG > Use ADT Standard Configuration is checked. Whether you use NWCOUT or read the .DWG directly in Navis, your pipes will be solids, even if they display as single line in your normal plotting/working Display Configuration.