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Winter Park, FL
Author, Speaker, Business Designer and Advisor
Interests: business, tennis, golf, personal development, ideas, business books, reading, soccer, entrepreneurship, leadership, biographies, self help, the web, pittsburgh steelers football, spiritual matters, christian faith, apple mac, clever humor, helping people be on-purpose - personally, professionally, and corporately., what makes people work, cool design, usa politics
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Thanks Corinne! Nice to know you're watching. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Tracie, welcome to seeing the world as one to be integrated instead of balanced. You'll find it much more rewarding, possible, and healthy. Glad it "hit you solidly." Thanks for sharing. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Thank you Joel. It is because of nice comments like your's that I keep doing these free On-Purpose Minutes. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
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And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country. Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2014 at Kevin W. McCarthy
Thanks Jim for the kind offer. We've had a list of gerunds but simplified it some years ago to help clients write their 2-word purpose statement. Your "Value Vision" sounds like an external expression of a purpose because it is others directed. A purpose statement includes God, Self, and Others. Inspiring Elevation, however, fits the structure of a purpose statement so you're good to go it sounds. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Hi Don, To some degree by writing to me you're making the case. Social media is simply a way to continue the conversation and build the relationship. In this sense it attracts or repels an audience thereby acting as a target market sorter. There's a value to that but not necessarily a direct ROI as a CPA might like to see it. This said, I must agree with you that social media, even all the energy and effort I invested to create this blog and nearly 200 On-Purpose Minutes makes me wonder if it was worth it financially. Yet, I'm serving here more than selling so I'm reaping what I'm sowing and I continue onward... thankful that good men like you engage with me in the conversation. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
A gentle nudge, a bit of a tug, and a kind word go a long way. As for true confessions, we can all use a bit of a manners make-over. So, seek forgiveness from those you have offended and remember to include yourself in the process. Progress, not perfection, is the only sane way to becoming an on-purpose person. I sense you're progressing nicely Viveca. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
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Sri - please share all you want. The On-Purpose Minutes are posted on the web so they're open to the public. Thanks for asking. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2014 on Do Manners Matter? at Kevin W. McCarthy
Hi Andrew, TSFL is a "farming business" because it is so relationally based. Specific fields is a bit of a loaded question. Yes, some fields are better than others. If there is a Type 2 Diabetic Users Group then that would be a "natural field." If I may, a different take on your question... rather than looking to find fields consider the fields where you are already active or would have an interest in being even more active as a hobby or avocation. In short, follow your interests, build relationships, and you'll find that 70% of those people qualify for cultivation. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on Sales: Prospecting or Farming? at Kevin W. McCarthy
Maturity is a progression or process of development, not an either/or matter as you propose, not me. So your statement "now they are complete according to your status quo belief system" is not in alignment with On-Purpose. I don't know how "status quo people" judged Gates and Jobs. BTW: On-Purpose is anything but status quo. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2014 on Do You Want to Grow Up? at Kevin W. McCarthy
Hi Joe, perhaps I'm blind to what you're seeing, but I haven't a clue why you see such "negative judgment about youth." On the contrary, I say maturity isn't about age at all. In fact, I'm drawing a line between maturity and age - they're unrelated is the very point of this posting. I would argue that I offer a very positive view of those with fewer years yet wisdom or maturity. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2014 on Do You Want to Grow Up? at Kevin W. McCarthy
Yes Lukasz, but if there is no economic mechanism in place to capture a share of your contribution, then there is no money to reflect. Reflect on that one. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Thanks Deborah for your insight and comment. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Thanks Tanya for your kind comments plus your contribution to the whole On-Purpose effort back in the early 1990s when On-Purpose was just a small, still voice in the wilderness of conversation. You helped to put voice to it through the Training Guide and more. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Thanks Viveca! Happy to know I could bring some energy to you life and business. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Hi Darrell, You're so right about Step 11. It has been too long since I last looked at the 12-steps. Purpose is God's will as we understand Him, so alignment is being on-purpose. Years ago on a radio show, a caller said to me, "On-Purpose sounds like the 13th Step of AA." That go me looking at the 12 steps. I believe she made an insightful comment. Agree? Be On-Purpose! Kevin
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Thanks Kevin for turning on even more light switches in the darkness. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2014 on How Do I Find Peace In My Life? at Kevin W. McCarthy
Thanks Debra. Since your light switch is turned on, pass your "brightness" on to the next person, and the next... Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2014 on Do You Know Your Gift? at Kevin W. McCarthy
Thanks Viveca - One never gets tired of hearing such kind words of encouragement! (pun intended)
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2014 on Do You Know Your Gift? at Kevin W. McCarthy
Thanks Bill. Glad you found the information useful. In terms of a step-by-step process, my best resource for that is The On-Purpose Business Person. The subtle of that is "Doing More of What You Do Best More Profitably." That rolls off the tongue nicely but if you really think about what it takes to do that, it fills b-school text books. Yet, that is the noble ambition. Profit, by the way, is used in its fullness - financial profit and social profit. Everyone needs to win. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Thank you Andrea.
Thanks Renee. Remarkably as I reread this piece I wrote in 2005, it was like yesterday as we walked down the 18th fairway. I still feel his hand on my shoulder as father and son walked quietly knowing that these were precious days to breath into one's spirit and memory to carry in our hearts into eternity. What a blessing to have added 9 additional years of fond memories.
Thank you Karen. As a family we're doing remarkably well by being 99% in gratitude for my father and 1% in grief. We have so much to be thankful for his life and the blessing he was to us and many others. It is the way Dad wanted it to be.
Thanks Debra, I work to make these messages about the viewers / audience. Thanks for affirming me for taking some time for this tribute. Be On-Purpose! Kevin
Hi Kevin! Yes! I feel very comforted and supported by God during these recent 3 weeks where his death appeared to be on the horizon. Thanks for investing your time to pass along your condolences.