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Second Life resident, pathologically curious, curiously nice and a nice wise ass.
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Thanks for the link, Hamlet! :) The reality is that there are a whole host of reasons why I'm in Second Life much less these days. As I noted in the beginning of my post, those reasons fell into what I would describe as two broad categories. The first relates to a shift in a feeling of immersion - chatting in IM was only the symptom. The second is more personal - but not unique - and I'm planning to follow up with another post. (the Cliff's Notes version: I entered a phase where my experiences in SL were taking more than giving to me. Plus less flexible time in RL, too.) Maybe I noted too subtly in my post, I didn't have any problem discussing my RL context with people. It is something I did from the start from the start of my SL experience. Yes, I shared more over time, but it wasn't that I was sharing that I felt was the problem. I believe the problem was that I began experiencing the 3D aspects of SL less and, in doing so, took myself away from a large part of the magic of the world. But it was just one reason among many why I log in less these days. I do think I will be back more at some point and when I am, I expect I'll be getting out more. :)
Thanks for the link, Hamlet. I hope everyone will go read the original post. The headline here on NWN only captured part of what I was saying. First, this was a generalization. And second, it isn't about sharing RL identifying information in SL, but more those rare occasions when people *never* mention that they even have an RL. Thirdly, and perhaps the biggest point, when people actively hide their SL from their RL. The common thread through these? It is when people actively work to keep the two apart in either or both worlds. Or, as Anne put well, non-actors and liars. These are the people that I've seen burn out from my admittedly small sample of people.
An interview with a woman who is in SL to explore her sexual psyche...
Thanks for the link, Hamlet. Following my conversation with Sheraka, I learned a good deal more than I anticipated about the Gorean community. In short, my interview with Sheraka showed the perspective of a free woman and some of the other groups in Gor believed that their view didn't come across. Some posted additional comments on my blog and there was a lively discussion on the Gorean forums. The experience left me feeling that some people were very passionate about Gor and their chosen roles. Moreover, I've come to believe that Gor has more dimensions to it than I would have thought. (And it also cemented the feeling that Gor is not for me).
My most recent post was an interview with a free woman from Gor. She posted the link to the Gorean forums which turned into 7 pages of comments including accusations of it being a set up. Original post: Forum reaction: