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Phillip Blackerby
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Amid the iPhone hype, much well-deserved, is this niggling problem of the independently-produced apps. A client in the construction industry is searching for a timekeeping app. The ideal will meet two objectives: record hours on the job for hourly employees, and record hours by task for all employees; therefore, we need to enter time two ways: for hourly employees, punch-in, punch-out; for all employees, enter number of hours by job code. To ensure that hourly employees are actually on the job (not on the way to the job, or at the local Starbucks), we want to capture the geocode information from the iPhone's GPS chip. The app should also recognize each employee's iPhone, so Jim isn't punching in for Jane. And, of course, we want the data to update QuickBooks or other payroll files easily and generate meaningful reports. We investigated two candidates: TSheets, headquartered outside Boise, and Harvest, created by Iridesco in New York, which was suggested by some of our FastTrac entrepreneurship training program guest speakers. Both apps support hours by job code and sub-code (in several entry formats). Both support punch-in, punch-out, though Harvest requires a separate widget to do so. Both track paid time off, and Harvest tracks overtime. Harvest tracks a budget by job code, and reports actual against budget. It will also track expenses by job code, generate an invoice, and report on A/R aging. Both apps generate several reports and export a .cvs (spreadsheet) file and a QuickBooks .iif payroll file. Both appear to have adequate security. Pricing differences are not significant. But neither app captures the iPhone's geocode data, and neither company even has plans to do so! Accurate and accessible GPS data is a revolutionary technology. Why are so few taking advantage of it? Anyone have some good ideas?
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2008 on Annoyed by iPhone Apps at Francine Hardaway's Blog
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