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KL I am not against the AMC centered appraisers. I am one of them, or at least I may be for a little while longer. My firm works with NAS through National City and we have done a lot of work with them. EAppraiseit sees it best to shut that company down and will move us into the remaining fold of appraisers they pimp out. This problem began and ended with the new and less than quality appraisers willingness to only do this type of work. Where did it get us, all the new guys created a pool of volume hungry, but incompetent appraiser. All of us would be fine if we did not get forced to sell our souls to work for a living. Either you cut corners to make the work worth while, or you get underpaid to more than most do with these companies, and you then run into the issue of ytaking too long and writing too thorough of a report.
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Evan: I am sorry if you feel my reply was an attack, it was not intended to be. I am simply saying that it appears you have you own erroneous opinions of things. Either you don't have all the facts, or like many other people in our profession don't see the basic legal concept of intent, copyright, and fraud. We prepare reports to be read, not treated as data. Loans have been made using faulty reports. We need to stand up for our documents as we intend them to be used. My reply was a little out of frustartion but more so along the lines that you are finding more reasons to do nothng. This profession does not need back seat cynics. We have enough them already.
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Evan: I am sure you have your reasons for postinga comment like that but if you can't see the good in what has been done then I am unable to explain it to you. There are many like you that are so cynical that common sense will evade them for the the want to gripe. Perhaps you should just do something else for a living.
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I have to change my negative jab at the media this morning. Bill Sizemore from my local paper is running the story he and I spoke about many months ago. My thanks to him for doing that. I will make it available here when I see it. Angel: You may be locking them, but if you encrypt them with a security envelope you can control them much better. Just printing them top PDF is not enough. I am not sure exactly what you are doing with the PDF but look into digital signatures. You can lock it up to where they cannot cut and paste it, and also receive notification anytime they open it, send forward, or anything else. Tim: You are correct. They will come around when it affects them. That’s why we need to continue making them know how we feel. Many of us get the chance to turn some AMC’s in and never do. They are acting as an appraisal company more often then not. When you get these ridiculous requests file a complaint with the REAB. If enough of us do it, eventually the AG will have to get involved.
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