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Debra Johnson
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Mar 15, 2010
Great looking group - hope you Thanksgiving was wonderful!!! Debra
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2009 on Me and My Girls at Michelle Legler
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Okay - I'm doing both - Facebook AND leaving a note - hehee!! My greatest treasures are truly things I cannot place in a box...though, I surely hope that I win one of your wonderful boxes and can place it in my crazy warehouse for everyone to see!! My dearest treasures are the friends and family in my life the Lord has blessed me with. Might sounds trite...but it is none the less true:) We lost my 15 year old niece to an accident a few years ago - and after going through that pain we've looked at life completely differently. We hold onto the LOVE in our life above all things.... I hope whomever you choose cherishes your precious gift....they are simply wonderfully whimsical! Debra
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2009 on Goody Giveaway Contest at michelle my belle
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Oh my goodness...Just a quick note to tell you that I still check on you all the time...I simply ADORE your dolls - your pictures...your writing - you inpsire me!! I have been a terribe blog friend...TERRIBLE...I haven't written back when written to...I have barely posted anything to anyone or my own I'm changing it up....First drop spot - YOUR blog:) LOVE it!!! Debra
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I am sooo excited to see what you do with your studio space!! Love your color combonations and the way you put it all together...I'm on the edge of my seat!! Debra
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2009 on hummingbird-turtle syndrome at Red Shoes blog
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YEA!!!!! More pictures!!!!! You look GREAT - and this class looks like so much fun !!!;)
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2009 on More Paper Cowgirl Fun! at WarehouseArtchix
Looks like ya'll had a GREAT time!!! Looks like sooo much fun!!! Glad that your back and can't wait to hear all the details!!!! * I like Gigi's hat;) XXOO