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Interests: gardening, reading, decorating, creating, my interests include all things vintage, and growing deeper in my christian faith.
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Cheryl, As someone who is also drawn to old cemeteries, I am loving all the extra, indepth info you've included in your posts. The meaning/historical relevance of the symbolism is esp. interesting to me! Well done! xo, Sue
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Cheryl, Thoroughly enjoying my visit today to your blog! Loving your artists' eye with your photography! I could so relate to this post! One year I gave my father a birthday card that read something along the lines of: Today is your birthday. The day you had to walk 10 miles through the snow, barefoot, just to be born!!! xo, Sue
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Beautiful photography, Carol! Priceless shots of one so near and dear to your heart. Don't always leave comments, but I don't miss a post! Love your work...such a great eye for composition! Congratulations to your handsome young man on such a hard-earned accomplishment. Xo, Sue
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...beautifully written...such common threads woven into all of our lives, although during those hard times it can feel very lonely...i think this post will encourage a lot more people than you may ever know...
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Mar 15, 2010
Hello sweet friend! I just returned from catching up on your posts! Am loving your steampunk muse....keep it up! Why am I not surprised that you embroidered on your jeans and a red rose?! I embroidered a chambray shirt for the Mr. when he was 17. When I think back of how girly it was {and he actually wore it} I laugh out loud. Just like the jean jacket, it is long gone. Always so fun to see your sweet little messages in my inbox! xoxo Sue
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