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I've heard so many great things about this camp. Wish it wasn't so expensive :(
I've heard of this place - sounds great!! I think my 6 year olds would love it. There should be more places like this - in my opinion :)
Sounds good - can't wait to try it :)
Akemi, I love you :) hehe Don't worry - it's not just parents that can annoy the office staff. Teachers do it all the time too!!
Going to have to get this book for my kids. Love the message and I couldn't agree more about praising all kids for their efforts. I catch myself all the time complimenting girls on their clothes or hair. Maybe I should be asking, "What books are you reading?" ;)
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We love Children's Discovery Museum! We have never been to the Bay Area Discovery Museum - would love to check it out :)
Ugghh, I just don't get it! Why the surgary drinks?? Kids would be fine with water if everyone agreed to only giving them that at the end of each game plus a snack. My kids are 5 - I have still have control :)
Very inspiring! This is on my list of things to do now that I have both kids in school. I need to purge their closets and mine. I'm like you - I wear the same (comfortable) few things over and over. Why do I keep the rest?? Who knows..... but I love to shop (just can't afford to anymore) - hehe.
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Valerie - that video is adorable! I love that they shared it down to the very last crumb. So sweet!
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When you first walk into the 4 year old class at Explorer Preschool, you will probably see 25 very busy children building blocks, looking at books, writing in journals, eating a snack, painting, dressing up, riding bikes, making mud pies in the playhouse or playing with the classroom pet rat, Dolly. What you might NOT notice right away is that there are SEVEN sets of twins in the class. Yep, you read that right - over half the class is twins. It doesn't end there. Two out of the 3 teachers in the class are a twin and 2 parents in the class have identical twins. Twins definitely rule in this preschool classroom. Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2011 at Mad About Multiples!
Valerie, I can totally relate to what you are struggling with! It's hard when you have more than one child, let alone twins :) I work on reminding myself that even though my kids are twins, they are two individual people with unique personalities who are going to need different things from me at different times (just like you wrote). I do the same thing - if I buy something for one kid, I feel obligated to buy something for the other, even if they don't need it. Half the time the kids don't even care (yet!).
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they have so many cute designes - I would definitely order a photo cards - with space for 3 photos!
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by Amy T. It sprinkled a little bit today. The air was chilly and all I could think about was getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte at my local coffee shop and driving by the Spirit Halloween Store for the 10... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2010 at Mad About Multiples!
Thank you for this post Valerie! I also bottle fed (cringe!) and like you, I felt SO bad every time I pulled out a bottle. I STILL feel guilt every time I read an article about "breast is best" and while I know breast milk is the best for my children I wasn't able to due to my rheumatoid arthritis. After giving birth, I had a terrible flare up and had to go back on my meds that were not safe in breast milk. I was devastated. I had dreams of breast feeding my twins. It was very hard on me. I often feel like I have to explain myself (like I am now - hehe) but we all have our reasons and it's important for us not to judge when another mom pulls out a bottle. She has her reasons too :) Good for you for trying as long as you did. Our children will be just fine.
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Stacy - you are my hero!!! ;) You have a beautiful family - great aricle!
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What a perfect day. You are a great mom, Akemi:)
By Amy Trayer "Mommy! I'm hungry!" "Mommy, I want a snack!" "Mommy, what can I have to eat?" My four year old twins must be growing, because this is what I hear all day, every day. No, I'm not exaggerating!... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2010 at Mad About Multiples!
OMG I love this post!! I can totally relate as we attempted a few overnights when our kids were smaller and it was exhausting. They are four now and we are just now feeling like we can enjoy a vacation with them (I hope!). But you are right - it doesn't take much to make them happy (mini cars in the hotel room, a lego display). We are keeping it simple this summer - trips to the beach, a rented cabin about 2 hours away with two other families with kids so they can entertain each other while us adults socialize. Glad you survived this "vacation" ;)
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they are so cute! my 4 year olds would love to put plates with their names on their bikes - CA plates :)
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they are so cute! love the matching shirts :)
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This is right up our alley!! We are THE musical theater family:) We have costumes galore and every Broadway show you can think of on our ipods. I grew up singing to the soundtrack. Love this movie!!
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It's a really fun day, especially now that I have kids! I get to tell those special people in my life how much I love them. Maybe have a romantic dinner with my hubby....? And, of course, chocolate!
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Great post Mari - you truly are the equipment Queen! Who knew you could sling a baby on your back so quickly!? I was always intimidated by the carriers and slings. I worried it would hurt my back and the baby wouldn't be comfortable enough to fall asleep. I just stuck with my stroller. But I can appreciate the comfort of being close to mom or dad in a sling.
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Polly - mine do the same thing except it's usually when I'm standing in line at the store or trying to walk through the library. They get so silly and it's very heartwarming.....when we are at home! They topple on top of each other, laugh and hug. Sometimes it turns into someone getting hurt - usually my son is being too rough with my daughter - but they think it's hilarious. Funny and cute at home, but stressful when we are out in public!! haha Very cute post about life with twins ;) Love the pictures too.
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LOVE this post!! It's so true!! We sneak food in all the time and I am a pro at burying the sandwiches and more heartier "snacks." The food there is so expensive and mostly fried. Don't get me wrong, we have enjoyed a tub of fries and mini corn dogs on more than one trip to Gilroy Gardens, but like Linsey, I save my money for the ice cream treats! Hopefully the security at Gilroy Gardens won't be on to us families of multiples any time soon...... :)
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