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Bonnie De Gros
I am a Canuck.
Interests: sewing, silk screening midwifery, photography, great food...I am sure there is much, much more, but I need another cup of coffee.
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Thanks so much :) This was a really fun project and not too difficult either. They make great wedding gifts too & I plan on making some for a couple of friends who are getting hitched soon.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2012 on fun with ceramics at ¡Project Project!
I was exhausted one night and my partner put on the movie The Professional. I was convinced I would fall asleep but instead found myself wide awake and completely wired at the end of it. It is a really compelling film and I think it was Natalie Portman's first film. And as far as music goes, it isn't new, but I have been listening to The Field - From Here We Go Sublime every time I am writing an assignment. It totally mellows me out. x Bonnie (p.s. I am 4 weeks away from finishing my midwifery degree… can you believe how fast time passes?)
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2011 on friday giveaway at tiny happy
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I adore these… so subtle and so lovely.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2011 on cross-stitched set at tiny happy
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What a lovely comment! Thanks so much for that. I'm thrilled you are enjoying the pixie coat. I still have a few left in Teo's wardrobe and they do seem to get quite a few smiles don't they. Hope you guys have been managing the winter ok. Bring on spring and summer (Even though it means that the coats go away for a while :)
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2011 on Hmmmm at ¡Project Project!
It is huge eh! The needles are 25mm and it looks hilarious when I am knitting with them…
Toggle Commented May 19, 2011 on Argh! at ¡Project Project!
Speaking of disappearing with things, I discovered that Teo took off with a vivid last night while Matt & I were making dinner. When we found him, he had meticulously decorated his wooden playhouse, vintage wooden chair, and rimu cupboard. I swapped the vivid for some paper and washable markers and then came to see that he had decided to add some green geometric detail to the carpet. Perhaps we should invest in some art classes for our Michelangelo piccolo.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2011 on Cinderella at ¡Project Project!
Was that not the most incredible show? Talk about a total feast for the senses. I really hope he comes to visit again one day. It was amazing to watch hundreds of us adults playing and singing and dancing as comfortably as we would have when we were children. A completely unique experience.
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2011 on heidi and clara at tiny happy
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He was rather pleased with himself, and his Dad was so stoked. We took him to the skatepark and after a bit of going back and forth while standing up, he sat down on the board and started sliding up and down the little ramps. It was SO funny. I must admit that it looked like heaps of fun...
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2010 on The boy skateboards... at ¡Project Project!
New Zealand has the most amazing skies... and chips. I think I fancy a trip to the sounds now, and some fish and chips. Perhaps next year as my graduation present to myself... the trip I mean... but fish & chips will do for now :)
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2010 on blue and grey at tiny happy
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Absolutely stunning. My goodness how that little girl of your's is growing up!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2010 on Peachy at Heart Felt
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Yea, the sutures sure are not comfortable. Still a few days yet, but I will be taking them out over the weekend. Can't wait another week! By they way, it was 19 degrees + in Wellywood today, no wind, no clouds. Boo yah! Tomorrow is supposed to be another cracker of a day, and guess who happens to have the day off? xoxoxo
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2010 on The boy skateboards... at ¡Project Project!
I know. I totally don't know how I've actually managed to make time for anything but study this semester, but I'm making the most of it because next year is going to be insane AHHH! And yes, we really must talk fabrics, because we are coming with fairly empty suitcases, so there will be room for a decent stash of fabric for ya. I have some from my own stash that I will try to squeeze in for you too, but I will see what the merino side of things has going on. xoxo can't wait to see ya!
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2010 on Slippers & stuff at ¡Project Project!
Oh Nikki, you know me so well! And yes, I thought I was doing a rather good job at procrastinating. However, now I am procrastinating on procrastinating. Deep.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2010 on hmmm... at ¡Project Project!
I've just been thinking the same thing with Teo in regards to how big he has gotten! Sadie is starting to look all grown up. Am loving the photos. xx
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on Looking back ~ March 2009 at Heart Felt
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Mar 15, 2010
I adore this! Keep up the beautiful work. It is so inspiring. xx
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2010 on running stitches at tiny happy
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Those tights of Sadie's are amazing! I am loving the photos. Hope you guys are doing well. I can't wait to get a piece of property out in the country. I want an ENORMOUS veggie garden and at least one cow, a goat, chickens, a horse, and an alpaca. It just looks wonderful. xo Bonnie
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2009 on First day of farm life at Heart Felt
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Thanks for your comments! And yes I do remember waiting to hear back about my application. I think I checked my mailbox four times a day... I felt like I was stalking the postie from my upstairs window. I wish you the best for that and hope you hear back soon! I don't know where I find the time to do everything. I can tell you than my study does suffer a bit. But my garden is what keeps me going at the moment. Matt has a bike that he is working on so that is his little project. I think I would go crazy if I had nothing else on the side. My sewing is not happening at the moment and I am sad about that, but at least I have fresh veggies to pick! I am off to a lecture now... hope you have a good week. I will post more photos soon. XX
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2009 on Between emotional meltdowns at ¡Project Project!
WHOA you are back?!?!?!! Where have I been? I was just thinking about you the other day and wondered what you have been up to. I have been so busy with school I haven't had the time to play around and keep up with my favourite blogs. Hope you guys are feeling well-rested and settling back in nicely. We have some sunshine today, thank goodness! We sure have needed it. xx Bonnie
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2009 on nature, adorned at tiny happy
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Oh yay! Thanks for commenting. I think to-do lists always look impressive when they are not your own. And if you saw the state of the house, it shows what I have NOT been keeping up with. Poor Matt. He is such a good tidy-upper. Which reminds me, I need to go and throw in a load of washing. We are down to the uncomfortable undies. I hate those. I would burn them, but then I wouldn't have them to wear in instances like this!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2009 on Hmmmm... at ¡Project Project!
Oh what a precious wee thing, utterly adorable. xx
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2009 on Sadie at Heart Felt
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Hey lady! I haven't said hi in AGES and wanted to give you a little hello from down South. I am starting my midwifery programme in a week and Teo started full-time creche. I got given the task of making clothes for all of the dolls in the creche and it reminded me of you and your bits and bobs you have been doing. I hope you are well and geez do I ever miss the snow. Oh well, I suppose soaking up the sun and listening to secadas right now isn't half bad ;) xo Bonnie
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2009 on for a place warmer than this at tiny happy
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Happy Christmas to all of you! I get to go and pick up my Mum tomorrow and I haven't seen her in almost two years, so needless to say I am thrilled to dash to the airport early in the morning to fetch her. Hope you are all well and I am glad to hear your vegemite supply has been restored. xo Bonnie
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2008 on for your tree- a giveaway at tiny happy
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Happy Christmas to all of you! I get to go and pick up my Mum tomorrow and I haven't seen her in almost two years, so needless to say I am thrilled to dash to the airport early in the morning to fetch her. Hope you are all well and I am glad to hear your vegemite supply has been restored. xo Bonnie
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2008 on for your tree- a giveaway at tiny happy
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Happy Birthday! Love the photo. xo Bons
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2008 on Happy Birthday to...... at Heart Felt
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