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7 of the 9 CFL teams have won a Grey Cup since 2010. Hamilton and Winnipeg — the 2 teams that haven't won a Grey Cup in the 21st century — are half of the 4 teams remaining in the 2018 CFL playoffs. Hamilton dominated the BC Lions from the start in the 48-8 win, dashing hopes for a crossover team in the Grey Cup. The Winnipeg defence combined with Andrew Harris on the ground held off Saskatchewan 23-18. The Tiger-Cats advance to Ottawa, the team that dominated Hamilton in all 3 games this season. Calgary has a +5 point differential in its split with Winnipeg this season. The Stampeders won by 13 in Calgary on August 25 though the Blue Bombers won by 8 in Winnipeg on October 26. Winners advance to the 106th Grey Cup in Edmonton next Sunday. Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Canadian Crossing
Calgary voters had their chances to register their thoughts on their city hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. They said "no" with 56.4% of the vote, according to unofficial vote totals for the non-binding plebiscite. The plebiscite attracted 304,774 ballots from 767,734 eligible voters for a 40% turnout. If the vote had gone to the "yes" side, Calgary's chances of getting the 2026 Winter Olympics would have been very good. The other bids were from Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy and Stockholm, Sweden. After 3 straight Winter Olympics in Asia (the 2022 Winter Olympics will be in Beijing, China) or near-Asia (the debate over whether Sochi, Russia is in Europe or Asia), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would have welcomed a North American Olympics. The voters had concerns about the current economy, potential cost overruns, money going away from projects that would help everyday activities, and a bit of confusion over what was and wasn't in the Olympics bid. The Olympics bid didn't include a new arena or stadium but that is more about the nuances of pleasing the IOC, which discourages new buildings as part of the bidding process. The Calgary bid called for ski jumping to be held in Whistler. This was a money-saving point and that the Calgary’s ski jumps aren't up to IOC standards. Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Canadian Crossing
There was very little proof after spending a week in Windsor that legal recreational marijuana exists in Canada. The sign above reminds us that you can't take marijuana across the border, but easier to do if there is marijuana in Canada. For now, the only legal options in Ontario are growing 4 or fewer plants in your own home or online via the Ontario Cannabis Store if the store is working as intended. A group set up a symbolic injection site tent in an abandoned section on Ouellette Avenue, the main north-south street in downtown Windsor. That was as close as I got to drugs on the trip. Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Canadian Crossing
"This is The Filmmakers: the place to watch the best Canadian films and meet the people who make them. We pull back the curtain taking you behind the scenes with candid conversations. This season, we're shining the spotlight on female filmmakers." Johanna Schneller and Amanda Parris start out each episode of Season 2 of The Filmmakers on CBC with their own synopsis of the film before the director interview. Unlike in Season 1, 2 of the 3 segments are devoted to the director with only 1 for the panel. Each director interview gets a "surprise" early in the second segment where the show plays a video from someone involved in the production. At the end of each episode, the hosts offer up their take on a scene or element to watch for in the film. Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Canadian Crossing
NHL Network carries the CBC feed for Hockey Night in Canada and the Rogers Sportsnet feed for Hometown Hockey. CBC features the Original 6 matchup of the Maple Leafs in Boston. The Calgary Flames put on their sunglasses for the bright lights of Los Angeles in the nightcap. City TV follows Ottawa's journey to Tampa Bay on Saturday. Rogers Sportsnet shows hockey day and night on Saturday with the Vancouver Canucks in Buffalo by day. The nightcap has Gary Bettman's new favourite desert team in Montréal, otherwise known as the Max Pacioretty bowl. Hometown Hockey from Glace Bay, NS has Winnipeg hosting New Jersey. Wednesday Night Hockey has what should have been the Stanley Cup final with Washington at Winnipeg. Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Canadian Crossing
The CFL's greatest rivalry comes together in the 2018 CFL West semifinal as Winnipeg travels to Saskatchewan. The Roughriders took the Labour Day weekend game and the Banjo Bowl 31-23 in Regina and 32-27 in Winnipeg. Sure there was the 31-0 shutout for the Blue Bombers in Winnipeg on October 13. The teams haven't met in the playoffs since the 2007 Grey Cup when Saskatchewan edged out Winnipeg 23-19 at Rogers Centre. Winnipeg is 4-5 on the road this season while Saskatchewan is 6-3 at home and has had an extra week of rest. This will be the first home playoff game in Regina since 2013, which also means the first home playoff game in the new Mosaic Stadium. Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
In The Fireflies are Gone, Léo (Karelle Tremblay) is stuck in Saguenay, Quebec. She wants to leave but she doesn’t know what she wants to do. Léo has daddy issues on several levels. Her dad was a union organiser forced to leave town in part due to the man who is now her mother’s boyfriend, now a conservative radio talk-show host. She spends time with Steve (Pierre-Luc Brillant), her guitar teacher and an older man, but is definitely not his girlfriend. Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
Welcome to Election Day in the United States. Election Day south of the 49th parallel is on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. In the midterm elections, all 435 House of Representative seats and approximately 33 seats of the Senate are open. Unfortunately, House districts are severely gerrymandered seats where the boundaries are drawn to help retain incumbents, mostly Republicans. Iowa is a grand exception to gerrymandering. Unlike the 2016 election, more Democratic seats are up for grabs. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota), Joe Donnelly (Indiana), and Joe Manchin (West Virginia) are vulnerable incumbent Democratic senators. The main prize for Canadians with either a Democratic win in the House or Senate is reconsideration for the USMCA aka NAFTA 1.5. A Dem-controlled House or Senate could also tackle the unfortunate tariffs against Canada from softwood lumber and airplanes to steel and aluminum. Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
Family first is an ideal philosophy but even that concept has its limits. The family in Family First (Chien de garde) tests those limits. Uncle Dany runs a drug cartel and uses his nephews JP (Jean-Simon Leduc) and Vincent (Théodore Pellerin) as muscle. Their mother (Maude Guérin) is a recovering alcoholic. JP lives in the family house with his brother and mother. His girlfriend (Claudel Laberge) is trying to get him to leave the house: think of her as Marilyn Munster, the only reasonably normal one. JP is trying to better himself to become an electrician. The film watches him get closer and closer to making the decision to leave. Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
Breastfeeding involves transferring nourishment from the mother to the child. But who is nourishing the mother? Diet is crucial for the mother while she carries the child and during breastfeeding. As much as we encourage breastfeeding as a society, we know a lot of factors can get in the way of a smooth breastfeeding experience. One issue that doesn’t get a lot of notice is the amount of milk mothers produce. Fortunately there are specific foods geared toward the breastfeeding mother. Lactation cookies are designed with ingredients, such as oats, that can increase milk supply to the mother. Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2018 at Balance of Food
NBCSN gets on the Connor McDavid bandwagon with the Oilers trip to Tampa on U.S. election night. The NHL Network picks up the Winnipeg Jets "home" game in Helsinki, Finland from Hartwall Arena as part of the 2018 NHL Global Series. The U.S. channel will also pick up Vancouver's home game on Friday against Colorado. The channel also picks up the CBC feed Saturday night with the Maple Leafs and Hometown Hockey with the Senators on Sunday. CBC gets on the Sidney Crosby bandwag-- er, already there, with the Maple Leafs in Pittsburgh. The Chicago franchise goes to Calgary for the nightcap. Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
Welcome to the last week of the regular season. The battle of eastern Ontario starts things off on Friday Night Football in the nation's capital. Starting out the Saturday tripleheader, the Winnipeg game in Edmonton is not meaningful for the CFL playoffs. Montréal can't even play spoiler in Hamilton in the middle game. Calgary can't rest key players as the Stampeders need a win against the BC Lions. The Saskatchewan Roughriders get an extra week of rest before hosting a playoff game, even if they don't know which one. Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
Canada has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in horror films. We want to introduce you to a horror film that involves people you normally associate with comedy. Cannibal Girls is an early work for director Ivan Reitman and stars soon-to-be SCTV veterans Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin. Martin also was in Black Christmas, a horror film directed by Bob Clark of Porky's fame. Levy and Martin play a young couple — Clifford Sturges and Gloria Wellaby — taking a trip to a small town. They haven't known each other long. Cliff says he knew her 2 weeks; Gloria said they've known each other for a month. He wants to have sex with her on this trip; she isn't as eager to be that physical so soon. Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
Jon Hamm is not Canadian but Hamm does play someone who thinks he's Canadian in an ad for Skip the Dishes. As you might guess, Skip the Dishes is a Canadian app for ordering food from restaurants. In the ad, Hamm is lying around going through a to-do list while his young worker is polishing chopsticks. Hamm teases him about being American; the young man responds that Hamm is also American. "Then why do I like hockey so much." Hamm also teases the young worker for not knowing poutine. Hamm, who is actually from St. Louis, has a fancy to-do list: Rename vintage yacht; Call eyebrow consultant; Take fashion risks; Get a price check on Capri; Polish chopsticks; Question reality! Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
For the first time since 2011, there are no Canadian teams in the MLS playoffs. 2011 marked the Vancouver Whitecaps FC MLS debut and the Montréal Impact were a year away from joining the league. The fate seemed a lot worse for the MLS Cup defending champions Toronto FC, only the 4th reigning MLS champion to miss the playoffs the following season. The same fate hit both teams that play at BMO Field: the CFL Argonauts and the Reds. Toronto FC didn't come close, being eliminated from playoff competition with several weeks to go in the season. The Whitecaps were still alive going into the next to last Sunday. Vancouver FC could have won out but a goal differential of -14 with 2 weeks to go made winning a tiebreaker virtually impossible. The Impact were still alive going into the last game. Montréal lost 1-0 to New England before the Columbus Crew pulled out a win. Montréal started out 4-11, but finished 10-5-4. The team was shutout 6 times in the first 15 games, but only 3 times since. Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
NBCSN will carry the first of 2 Winnipeg Jets games in Helsinki, Finland from Hartwall Arena. The game will air live Thursday afternoon as part of the 2018 NHL Global Series. On top of that, you might get woozy from all the Canadian teams hockey on the NHL Network this week. The channel will carry the Jets in the Motor City on Friday, Hockey Night in Canada with the Habs in Boston (City TV); Edmonton traveling to Chicago Sunday night (Rogers Sportsnet 360); an all-Canadian matchup with Calgary in Canada's largest city on Monday (Rogers Sportsnet); and a Halloween special with Chicago in Vancouver. CBC draws the revenge game with Winnipeg in Toronto early. Sidney Crosby and his black-and-yellow dressed friends go to Vancouver in the nightcap. City TV has the Habs in Boston on Hockey Night in Canada. Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
The CFL calendar is filled with exciting games of playoff importance. ESPN2 is showing the Toronto Argonauts in Montréal on Sunday afternoon. Still this is the first U.S. TV game in almost a month and only the second game since August. Calgary can throw off Winnipeg's playoff positioning in Friday Night Football. The revenge game with Ottawa in Hamilton starts off the CFL on Saturday with the Ticats desperate for a win. The BC Lions go to Regina in the Saturday nightcap. Edmonton stays home hoping for a Winnipeg loss Friday night. Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
We criticized the 2017 Windsor International Film Festival for cutting back on Canadian films, going from 31 to 20. Well, the 2018 Windsor International Film Festival Canadian films list has 16 films. The 2016 version was above average in terms of Canadian film, but a film festival in Canada should celebrate Canadian film. There are only 2 French-Canadian films. Deux!? The number of documentaries has shrunk to 4, down from 9 in 2017. Some of the major anticipated highlights from TIFF 2018 include the latest Thom Fitzgerald film Splinters. Splinters is the Canadian film at WIFF 2018 I am looking most forward to seeing. Other top choices would be Giant Little Ones, featuring American actors Kyle MacLachlan and Maria Bello, and The Grizzlies about the indigenous lacrosse team from director Miranda de Pencier. Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
We love to write about Canadian politics, just not usually local Canadian politics. The Toronto election is becoming an exception. We covered the 2014 election when the world wondered if the crack-smoking mayor would be replaced by the brother of the crack-smoking mayor. The 2010 election was of interest to us since we cancelled vacation plans to Toronto in 2009 over the ferries strike aka the 2009 City of Toronto inside and outside workers strike. The 2010 election would soon become relevant with the election of the soon-to-be crack-smoking mayor. The 2018 Toronto municipal election is being held today to elect a mayor and councillors on the city council. The problem was that when the election started, there were 47 wards in Toronto. On Election Day 2018, there will be 25 wards. Former Toronto City Councillor, brother of that crack-smoking mayor, and current Ontario Premier Doug Ford decided to shrink the Toronto City Council as one of his first decisions in all of Ontario. The election process had already begun; candidates were campaigning for positions on the council. The first judge who heard the case ruled against the premier. Ford decided to use the notwithstanding clause to override the judge. While the notwithstanding clause had been used sparingly in other provinces (mostly by Quebec on a purely symbolic basis), no Ontario premier had never used the clause. Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
The disconnect between people who need food assistance and those who don't seek food assistance is often tied back to shame. They don't want to be seen as needing a food handout. Given the millions of people who fall short of where they need to be from a food standpoint, shame should be the last consideration. The reality is that solutions need to factor in the shame quotient. The little free pantry is based on the concept of the little free library. In the library, you can take a book, return a book, donate a book. No witnesses are needed; this works on the honor system. The little free pantry in the photos is on the grounds of a neighborhood church. The pantry works similar to the library. If you need the food, you can take the food. If you want to donate food, you can donate food. Once again, no witnesses and we are on the honor system. Taking the food isn't a handout and no one has to know. Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2018 at Balance of Food
NBCSN has another first with carrying a complete game involving 2 Canadian teams in an indoor game. The U.S. channel will travel to Winnipeg for only the second time ever in the regular season as the Jets host the Toronto Maple Leafs. The game is also Wednesday Night Hockey for Rogers Sportsnet One. The NHL Network showcases the Toronto Maple Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada with the St. Louis Blues north of the border with the CBC feed. The channel also follows the Blues to Winnipeg Monday night. CBC has the Maple Leafs early on Saturday with Edmonton hosting P.K. Subban and the yellow-covered Predators in the late game. City TV carries a rare doubleheader starting with the Habs in the nation's capital. The channels will draw Vancouver hosting Boston in the nightcap. Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
Friday Night Football has a rare doubleheader. The first game features the first of 2 straight with the top teams in the East with Ottawa as the initial host. Edmonton travels to Vancouver in the nightcap in the ongoing battle for playoff positioning. A rare Montréal-Toronto matchup with absolutely no playoff implications starts off the Saturday doubleheader. The Roughriders go to Calgary for an early evening start in southern Alberta. Winnipeg gets a refresher in the bye week. Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
Canadians can now add marijuana to their legal shopping lists as of today. October 17 marks the opening day of being able to legally buy marijuana in Canada. Recent news stories indicate that supplies may not keep up with demand in the first year, and that is without edibles being legal. You might have heard about the possibility of drinkables but those won't be allowed right away either. Canadians will be allowed to carry up to 30 grams on domestic flights only, as noted in the video (above). On rare occasions, Canadian domestic flights are diverted to the United States. Bloomberg ran an update last month on where you can purchase recreational marijuana in provinces and territories. CBC News has a guide to how you can access marijuana in the provinces and territories. As a reminder, people in Canada can possess up to 30 grams. An ounce is 28 grams. The video (above) gives you an idea of what 30 grams looks like. The minimum age is 19 except for Quebec and Alberta, where the age is 18. Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
No Dwane Casey. No DeMar DeRozan. No Air Canada Centre. And no LeBron James in the Eastern Conference. The 2018-2019 Toronto Raptors still have Kyle Lowry along with the new guy, Kawhi Leonard. As you may have heard all summer, Leonard is a free agent at the end of the season. Last year's Raptors squad set team marks for best record in the regular season. Another 2nd round finish, especially with a sweep, was a sad sight. Changes were made. The Raptors open the season at home tomorrow night. Toronto has opened at home in 9 of the last 10 seasons. Cleveland will be the opponent, a team still learning to play without the king. Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2018 at Canadian Crossing
As we noted in our Stardom review, Denys Arcand directed 2 English-language films in between Jesus of Montréal and The Barbarian Invasions, Love and Human Remains was the first of those films. Thomas Gibson, who also was in Stardom, plays David, a famous child actor who returns to Edmonton. The audience gathers things are bad when he says he makes more money as a waiter. David, who is gay, and Candy (Ruth Marshall), David's heterosexual female roommate, are looking for love while a serial killer strikes their hometown of Edmonton. Candy debates about switching teams with Jerri (Joanne Vannicola) while David gets a much younger admirer Kane (Matthew Ferguson). This film marked the cinematic debut of Mia Kirshner, who plays a dominatrix even though the actress was just 18. Her character Benita seems of a counsellor in the context of sex who seems wise beyond her years. Continue reading
Posted Oct 15, 2018 at Canadian Crossing