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The John Terry prediction has more than aring of truth about it!
The stories in the press about an approach for Brian McDermott are promising. Wolves need to get away from the 'we're a big club' attitude and get a fresher face in who can build the club ethos for the long term- like Brendan Rogers and Paul Lambert. The problem is most Wolves fans and people connected to the club think of it as bigger than the likes of Swansea and Norwich and the pressure is always there for quick solutions. Surprised McCarthy survived so long, because he was never most fans' cup of tea from the start
Informer Thanks for the reminder but the point was that since 1991 Estonia haven't managed to win the Baltic Cup, which is relevant to their current status. It shows that this effort in qualifying is the high point of Estonia's international football since 1991.
Tallinner Thanks for the info- duly altered
That's a quality spot Tom- it shuldhave read 'players', not 'defenders'. Went in to change it when I got to work this morning but you already spotted it
Thanks for the comment Louis. Oxlade-Chamberlain is an interesting shout- thsi competition could be just right to ease him into the international game. I mentioned Wilshere in the article but I don't see him playing. If fit, he'll be at Euro 2012 and I can't see Arsenal wanting him to play the summer and then the Olympics- except if he is out for nearly the whole season and needs games to be fit for the 2012/13 campaign.
Thanks for your comment Matthew. I didn't see Neill as a bad player but he didn't seem as effective as previously - and not at the wages West Ham paid him. However, he is still playing at a decent level