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Dan says: "In retail, if you're not quick, you're dead. With fluctuations in the Chinese market set to peak on the fourth Sunday of every last leap year we can expect big things from the performance of oil rigs and orangutans. My advice: steer clear of the jalfrezi." Hope that helps.
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Our final round of winners are these lucky folk: Damian Cannon, Arun Joseph, Ruth, Lola and Christine Sheerin. You'll each be getting an email from us today. Huge thank you to everyone who entered. Whether you're at the concert on 21 September or not be sure to show your support for Peace One Day:
Congratulations to Dean, Katarina, David Hughes-Narborough, Laura James, Tracey and Alastair (yes, six, we know, but it is Friday). We'll send you an email now to get your address details. Still five more pairs of tickets up for grabs so keep the entries coming in. Peace and luck to all
If anyone would rather not disclose their email address publicly you don't have to - as long as it's entered correctly when you post a comment. Just say something nice as a comment. Stuff about peace is especially welcome. Or Cat Stevens lyrics. Joe
Very sorry to anyone who missed our post announcing the winner and runners up. It's here:
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2011 on your words, our labels (part 2) at innocent drinks
Anyone who would like to know where their nearest 1.25L stockist is please drop us an email with your post code to [email protected] and we'll let you know where your nearest one is.
Thanks again for all your comments. Just so you know, we read every one of them. We're really sorry that introducing these two new carton sizes has caused upset and people feel we've not communicated our new sizes clearly enough. We stand by our belief that introducing two new carton sizes was the right thing to do. Fruit is far more expensive for us to buy now - we needed to do something to ensure our smoothies continue to be affordable for us to make and we weren’t willing to sacrifice the quality of our ingredients or our commitment to sourcing those ingredients responsibly. However, we agree that we could have communicated our new pack sizes more clearly, and we’re very sorry that this has caused disappointment and confusion. Quite a few people have also mentioned price. We just want to reiterate that our 750ml cartons are not priced the same as our 1L cartons. Whilst it’s up to individual stores what they choose to charge for our drinks, the RRP we've set for our new 750ml carton is £2.79. This means our new 750ml cartons are cheaper per pack and you can find them on a 2 for £4 promotion more often than was the case with our 1L cartons. We're also working closely with our retailers to ensure all shelf labels are as clear as they possibly can be to highlight the new carton sizes.
Thanks for your comments guys. We’re always trying to work out the best carton size for our drinkers, and over the years we’ve had quite a few requests to make smaller or larger cartons. In terms of pricing for our new cartons, we want to be absolutely transparent. Ultimately, it’s up to individual stores what they choose to charge for our drinks, but the RRP* for our new 750ml carton is £2.79, and for our 1.25L carton it is £3.69. This means our 750ml cartons are cheaper per pack, but cost a bit more per ml than our old 1L cartons. Our 1.25L cartons are a higher price per pack, but are the same price per ml as our 1L cartons. Since we launched our 1L carton in 2004 we have not increased our prices. In that time lots of things have happened** which mean it now costs more to make our drinks than it used to (namely, fruit prices have gone up, and we use quite a bit of fruit). We know that some people will be disappointed by this change, but we felt that introducing two new carton sizes at two different prices was the best way to react to the fact that, put simply, fruit is more expensive these days. * recommended retail price ** some of us have grown a beard
Thanks for all your comments guys. We are truly, truly sorry if the article or our response to it has left anyone feeling that the way the Foundation has been funded or run is not completely above board. We want to reassure everyone that the financial security (and legality) of the Foundation and our ability to honour funding commitments to project partners has never been compromised in any way. There was no transfer or loan of funds from the Foundation to the business. At the Foundation's request, payment of the remainder of 2007's donation from innocent was delayed as the money was not required at that point in time by the Foundation, and it could obtain a higher rate of interest if reserved within the business. There was no other agenda at play. We have always remained true to all of our charitable commitments and in some years we have donated more than 10% of our profits. Charitable donations have been made every year despite no profits from 2008 - 2010 (we donated on average £160k per year), and when we recognised that 2011 would again be a no profit year we committed to an ongoing annual donation of £250k to protect the activities of the Foundation. To work here at innocent is to know just how incredibly proud we are of the Foundation, and just how much it means to each and every one of our employees (many of whom work on a voluntary basis for the Foundation). To know our Founders personally is to know just how much it means to them too. I can't think of too many companies that commit to donating 10% of their profits to charity, and to have had the integrity and value of this commitment questioned has left us very upset indeed.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2011 on article in the guardian at innocent drinks
Hello Dave, just to clarify, in 2007 our donation to the Foundation was over £670k. The Foundation took £150k and left the remainder in our account, as the interest rates were double what the commercial banks were offering and we could offer the Foundation instant access to the funds whenever it required. The Foundation legally owns that money and we would never hold back or spend any of those funds. The Foundation accounts are audited annually (previously by Ernst & Young, and BDO in 2010). The audit procedures comply fully with legislative requirements and are submitted annually to the Charities Commission. Linda Perry, who runs our Foundation, has over 30 years experience in the voluntary sector (formerly working at Oxfam). She runs the charity professionally and with the highest standards of best practise. In short, Linda does whatever is in the best interests of the Foundation. To suggest otherwise is 100% incorrect and completely misguided.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2011 on article in the guardian at innocent drinks
Sorry for any confusion people, we got a bit excited this morning and took the job off our website before the deadline of midday. Fret not though, we've extended the deadline to 9pm tonight and put it back up on the website, so you've still got time to apply.
Thanks for your questions guys. The role is based in our London office (Shepherds Bush) and we're looking for someone to start as soon as possible.