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And one other quick point: It's not so much the monolithic corporate farms or farmers that I'm so concerned about; it's things like THIS: That companies can 1. create such ridiculous genetically engineered seeds and 2. seek out the same kind of monopolistic dominance of the food industry in the way that Rockafeller sought a monopolistic dominance of the steel indsutry is terrifying to me. This has repercussions that ring around the world, through all kinds of economies, and threatens the way we think of, produce and consume food. Food is the basis of life, of civilization. Putting it in the hands of corporations is a terrible idea.
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I also think that the "eat local" idea benefits farmers everywhere -- theoretically, if I'm buying local in DC/MD ('cuz I live in MoCo, baby), then someone in Virginia is buying local, and someone in Illinois is buying local, and someone in Montana is buying local, etc., and so all the local farmers are benefitting from a spreading movement. I do use the supermaket for some things, but if I can get it grown close to home I will. And Ramona: I hear you on the budget. Oh, do I hear you.
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Neen - Funnily, no! I've never read that, though it's been recommended. My switch came largely through a distrust of supermarket meat (and ethical and health-conscious dilemma); when I found a farmer's market that sold meat, the produce was just so much more appealing, the fruit was fresher, and ta da! A change was made. But I've heard great things about The Omnivore's Dilemma.
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