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David Whiting
I am the lead pastor at Northridge Church passionate about the Gospel and leadership.
Interests: spending time with friends, hanging with my family, reading, sports, dates with my wife
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Matt - Great questions. Here are some brief thoughts. First, Im not sure I have great answers. I think Im sharing more opinions or applications of Scripture rather than commands. Im going to give a lot of grace to those who view these things differently than I am. in both Matthew 10 and 12, I would want to be careful about not reading too much into those texts in answering this particular question. In Matthew 10, I hope the division in the family is not caused by the follower of Jesus, but if the one not a follower of Jesus that is putting distance and conflict between the family members. That entire passage is difficult because Jesus claims he didnt come to bring peace (v. 34) - yet when he arrived, the angels announced Peace on earth... So I dont think Matthew 10 is the definitive passage we want to base our family relationships on. However, it certainly tells us conflict will happen in relationships when Jesus is involved. But I dont think we should make it a goal. :) As for Matthew 12 - I feel the same. We want to be careful about not reading too much into it. We also know Jesus reaffirmed the command to honor ones parents (Matthew 15:4-6; Matthew 19:17-19; Mark 7:10-13). It feels like to me - he was making a positive point to those he was teaching, not a negative point about his family. If we take Matthew 12 too literally - then if Im preaching and Sue gets in a car accident while Im speaking and her life is in danger, and someone comes and interrupts me to tell me. Should I say, This is more important? I will get to her after the second service? I dont think anyone would look at that as a proper application of Matthew 12. But maybe someone would. I dont know. I tend to think Matthew 12 applies in a positive way of those who love God being family than negative against earthly family. I would say our families cannot hold us back from doing the right thing or from loving God. But if it doesnt keep us from doing those things, then family should be honored, loved, embraced, and cherished. In our culture, there certainly is an idol made of family, often. I dont know... Random thoughts... not sure of answers... but these are great questions! What do you think? David
Mark, Weve had similar discussions many times. When our beginning place is so different, I dont think we can see this the same way. With no belief in the God of the Bible - certainly every moral claim is an opinion. On that we can agree.
Mark, That is true. The author, like most of us, believe there is moral right and wrong. He was beginning with that assumption - not attempting to prove it. If one doesnt believe there is a God - it certainly would be inconsistent to believe there is moral truth.
Faith is a great church, for sure! Love it!!
Brian, I never read it, but I bet Id be with you!!
haha, Paul! What??!?! They still sin in their 20s? NO!!!!!
Good question, Belinda! We think there is room and need for both! There are plenty of people south of the city who are far from God.
Thanks, Chris! Me too!!
For sure, Kellie! I think it extends to everyone.
Aaron, I dont see the inconsistency here?!?! :) Whats unrealistic about ELF? haha
Yeah, what Josh said... THAT is why I hire the smartest people I can find. Thanks Josh for putting words to my feelings!
The next two... awesome! After Peterson goes to Dallas or while he is still a Viking?
haha... im not ready to wear any apparel or anything...
Yeah - apparently not a true fan.... but you probably have them winning the Super Bowl next year.. .such an optimist.
Josh H - I KNEW I was speaking your love language! :) I just wanted to impress you...
It wasnt our intention to come across as arrogant, Lee. Im sorry it came across to you that way. Rather, it was a successful attempt at getting people to try a church who have given up on church because of bad experiences growing up. In no way are we attempting to say that all traditional churches make the beautiful Gospel ugly. In the same way that not all contemporary churches make the Gospel feel like a fad for cool people. Our attempt was to communicate to those who have been turned off by churches. I suppose it turns off some church people. Although that isnt our intent. We are thrilled if people have a church they know and love. We arent trying to reach people who already attend church. But thanks for bringing up the possible interpretation. We will have to consider that if we use that sign again.
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So true... so good, Paul!
Thanks awesome, Bill! Thanks!
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2015 on Learnings in Corinth - Day 5 at David Whiting Live
Tim, I dont disagree with you totally. I do think a leader knows what they are doing, why they are doing it, and have the ability to bring people along with them. But I do think a leader also will never be fully understood, and will not always be able to bring each person they long to bring along with them. And many will follow no because they understand but because they trust the leader and his track record. Maybe Larry only means the exceptions - which do tend to stand out to us leaders. Especially in the painful moments of leadership.
Thanks Jason!!
I loved them too. I didnt know if people who get a lot of them, but Im getting a lot of responses. People seem to love them! :)
oh wow... those are awesome, Mark!!
I remember those too! I loved them, but never had one. ᐧ
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Thats awesome! I told my daughter Emily that when I bought the Honda I drive now, we almost paid to have them put in a cassette player and she couldnt believe it. ᐧ
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2015 on Remember When... at David Whiting Live
Thanks Daniel! I will have to try to find that and check it out! Tell your wife hello from us!