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John Dittmer
Interests: Information assurance, Security, Military
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Here's some background on the CAG (Consensus Audit Guidelines). The Red Teams have consistently proved that poor configuration and patching practices have made it easy for them to defeat network defenses. This determination lead to the Air Force approaching Microsoft and insisting that new desktop software application come with a standard secure configuration. This was the genesis of what is now known as the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC.) FDCC uses Red Team knowledge about attacker techniques to protect systems and network vulnerabilities used by attackers to break into systems. This in turn, has led to the Twenty Critical Security... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2009 at ISC2 Blog
Ionut: I switched companies this year as well. My impressions from the job hunt were as follows: - I got lots of calls and e-mails from recruiters who wanted me to move across country on my own dime for a 6-12 month contract. As a husband and father, that was a major turn off. - I learned to make sure I got the details of what the prospective employer really wanted. Too often, the job descriptions were very vague or the requirements were piled on so high that no human being could fulfill them, even me. - When I did interviews, I made sure I discussed trends in the field at length to prove that I knew more than the book. It also pays to know which parties are involved in the project. In the interview for my current job, I was able to drop names of people that I knew in the project that both my boss and have worked with. Good luck and happy hunting. My firm is looking for qualified IA folks. You can send me your resume at [email protected].
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2009 on You're overqualified at ISC2 Blog