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Matthew Elliott
Chicago, USA
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Thanks for blessing me with your thoughts. Welcome to a new path of learning about and living in the way God built you to feel. I believe that God can transform you as you seek to pursue a new kind of spiritual life.
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks for your testimony Tim. When the love of God breaks through it is an emotional experience for most of us. And, yes, I believe that one of the great barriers in working with students today is how we teach about and handle emotions in the church. Emotions shine light on truth, if we do not express them about our faith and DO express them about football or fashion they will believe this to be what is really important. Or, we make evangelism about logical proof - that is great in its place; but they are really asking "do you love me?"
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Buddy is fantastic! No trade is in the cards, sorry but I would have three kids that might never talk to me again. I have my wife to thank for a great dog ­ she pegged it right on.
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