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Interests: spinning, running, digital scrapbooking, photoshop elements, reading, photography, cycling, photoshop, herb gardening, healthy eating
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I can COMPLETELY empathize with how you feel! My husband and I "tried" for six months before we were blessed with the second pink line (actually, it was blue and because I had heard about false positives with blue dye tests, of course I tried a digital four hours later). :) Hang in there - it's AWESOME that you've already got the charting down and you can hopefully see a pattern in your cycle by now. I didn't start charting till month 4 and I wished I had done it earlier because I realized I was likely ovulating earlier than I had realized. Also, because I always liked hearing what "worked" for others, this is what I did the month we conceived: ate foods high in vitamin B through the whole month (fortified cereals, bananas), drank Green tea days 1 to 12, and did the BD every other day or so. I got a negative test result on 12DPO, but a positive one at 15DPO. ((hugs)) and thanks for posting - it makes me crazy when people say they got pregnant the first month "trying", but when you really start asking questions, they hadn't been using protection for 6 months prior... ummmmm - that means you "tried" for six months! Sorry for the long response. :) Stepping off soap box now!
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Mar 15, 2010
I really enjoyed this post - I felt the same way over Christmas break. When I'm not chained to a desk & instead am spending time with family and friends it's so hard to find a reason / need / want to write.
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