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Interests: sewing, knitting, cooking, entertaining
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Mar 15, 2010
I fell in love with your bag designs when my sales rep showed me your pattern covers, and I was encouraged to see many items right in the beginning: seam allowances, layout charts, etc. However, I am now visiting the blog to see if you have made any corrections to your pattern. I have started the Etta bag,but am finding some problems: The cover photo shows three fabrics - top, bottom, handle, yet the list does not ask for a third outside fabric - maybe it's the lining. Then to the inside - it is no longer called "top" fabric and "bottom" fabric", but we now have "fabric 1" and "fabric 2" - a little consitency, please. Well, fabric 1 has the top part of the bag, so my half yard must be fabric 1...wrong again, since the layout clearly does not fit as pictured .. okay I squooze the pocket flap in on the bottom. And the mix and match section says "you'll need a total of one-half yard of the bag and the lining" .. what is that all about. So, I am laying it out, and realize that the pocket is now the same fabric as the top of the bag ..not so in the photo! And I haven't even begun to read the sewing directions! As a sewing teacher and owner of 2 fabric stores, I am trying to teach a new generation of sewers, but I am finding that young designers (whose designs do appeal to these gals) apparently are trying to reinvent sewing techniques, terms, and instructions (or lack thereof). I think your patterns look very "together" and was having high hopes after all the errors in terminology and procedures in Sandi Henderson and Amy Butler's excrutiatingly wordy, erroneous patterns. I am afraid that some new sewers are being discouraged because they can't follow the patterns. Please let me know if there are corrections and if not, I will be glad to proof and send you what else I find.