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Heading further east...from San Diego to Boston to Stockholm
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Feb 24, 2011
Thanks! At some jobs speaking Swedish is a requirement, at others it isn't. He was working as a consultant for an American company when we first arrived, which gave him time during the day to study Swedish. So, by the time he needed to get a job, he was conversational in Swedish (though couldn't necessarily completely do his job in Swedish). It all depends on the company and industry, I think.
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Thanks Darlene! Just a few weeks now. As for jobs, I got mine while still in the US. I was finishing up grad school and looking for where and what to do next. The chair of my former department introduced me to some people at the Karolinska, and the rest is history. My husband went through the usual channels once we got here, to find a job. In addition to online searches and submitting applications, he talked with some friends here in Stockholm who had some leads.
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Oops, I was logged in to Dave's account when I wrote that.
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Hi Chelsey! Welcome. Not sure where you are front in the states, but the winter wasn't too bad our first time. This past winter (our second in Stockholm) was the coldest in many decades. We lived in Boston for six years prior to Stockholm and it was generally colder there in the winter. Maybe that doesn't help though... :( Hang in there!
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Tack, Jonny. That's very interesting. And yes, it's a difficult language to learn. So for those who don't know, though "från och med" means "from", the direct translation would be "from and with".
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Nov 17, 2009
Looks great! Happy to hear that it was a success.
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Glad everyone is enjoying this post. It was quite a the end, a lot of fun. @Rommy: I think that at this place it's typical to go with suits because it's a sauna that is shared by a few different houses in the community. But, they did mention that sometimes they have gone nude when they decided to go in last minute and their guests didn't have suits.
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Well said, Peter. I completely agree.
Aside from transparency, which is pretty great here, do you have any other thoughts about the taxes here in Sweden? Any impressions from talking with Swedes and other non-Americans about it?
So, the exact translation and meaning escapes me, but it is about bribing being illegal. Dad or Mom, if you are reading this...what exactly does it say again?
no one???
Thanks for the translation Jacob, that one word really was a challenge with our dictionary. Thanks all for the luck. We know that this is a big task ahead of us, but the challenge is fun. We have been watching films and tv with and without subtitles too...also very helpful.
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Seems that the English translation took some liberties with formatting. The cover for the first book in English looks a lot like the second in the Swedish set (the one of the right in the photo). We were surprised to find that it was the book on the left that was the first in the set. So you are quite right, Jacob, that it was Män som Hatar Kvinnor that we were looking for.
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