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Juan Jose Palacios
Storage Consultant, EMC certified professional for CLARiiON and Celerra systems. ASE-Advanced Sales Especialist. IBM NSeries, DS3000/4000 (LSI) series installation and admin. Data Ontap Administrator.
Interests: writing, reading essays in politics and philosophy, touring in motorbikes, sailing (ocean yachtmaster)
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It's not just a problem about code. Check those entity-relationship models and compare to transactions. You can also dig a lot of "gold" in there. No wonder the code follows the same standards. But I agree, the availability of ever growing resources is a good case for poorly wrritten (and benchmarked) code. J
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Es cierto, ya se encuentran en el mercado dispositivos Ethernet que operan a 10Gb/sec... ¡ a qué precio ! Una de las grandes ventajas de emplear almacenamiento IP, es que el entorno es ampliamente conocido. Pero a la vez, muchas... Continue reading
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Aug 9, 2010
About Jeremy's comment (and apologies for mistakes in my english). I cannot figure out why a network service like NFS is limited to a Gig link in yr.2010. In fact, one of the advantages of using Ethernet infrastructure is you actually can use facilities and features based on a common and extensively known environment like networks. If you can team network links in ESX servers trunk switch ports and use vifs on the FAS, why should anyone be limited to 1Gig speed?. Maybe I got something wrong here. Cheers Juan
Los snapshots son una potente herramienta para implantar estrategias CDP (Continuous Data Protection), y aunque, de facto, llevan con nosotros un número respetable de años, aún parece existir un cierto grado de confusión acerca de su utilización y su naturaleza.... Continue reading
Es preciso aclarar que el adjetivo "inesperados" se refiere a dos perspectivas: la del administrador de VMWare y la propia perspectiva del vCenter. El ESX es perfectamente consciente de que ha tomado un Snapshot. VCB (VMWare Consolidated Backup) es una... Continue reading
Thanks for your comment, Adriaan. I definately agree on the different vendor issue, this reflect many ways to solve different issues, thus permitting evolution. This moves us forward. I must state, in many aspects, I have enjoyed DOT. And I still enjoy it ;) But my criticism comes as an answer to a precise statement "...not so dependent on tiers...". Under my point of view, this doesn't reflect a real situation, so I believe is a misleading comment. Tiering, as I stated, is a feature. And in many cases is a strategy (when you decide to use that feature as a policy mainstream). Allright, use it just if you need it. That's all it takes. But, honestly, I do not believe this can be called dependency. Cheers
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Mar 15, 2010
I've spent some time having a read through some posts at, and I happened to find a surprising one, featured by Mike Richardson in The Drop Zone. Here's the link to the post. Mike says: "A lot of strange... Continue reading
Con una creciente demanda (y disponibilidad) de soluciones de multipathing, incluyendo versiones gratuitas integradas en los sistemas operativos (p.ej. MPIO en Windows), resulta natural formularse dos preguntas a la hora de seleccionar una solución de gestión de múltiples paths para... Continue reading
La posibilidad de romper los límites de las barreras físicas que imponían tradicionalmente la configuración de las cajas de servidores en los DataCenters, empleando tecnología de virtualización, está popularizando la adopción de nuevos elementos de infraestructura. Entre los componentes frecuentemente... Continue reading