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Timothy Crawford
I'm a writer, speaker, redskins fan and a better than average chef.
Interests: talk radio, local news, hbo, great movies, blogging, sports, politics, surfing the net, stand up comedy, nice cars, iphone apps, cool jeans, crab cakes, shotime, snl and finding out the real reason eric benet cheated on halle berry.
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Mar 15, 2010
Very Helpful Post! I have my domain name registered through Yahoo. Are the steps different? I deleted my forward and made my cname change:, is there anything else?
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Intheknow, Thanks for your response. Now, usually I wouldn't go on a rant and everything, but this is personal. Or as they say in the hood, Persnoll. This is persnoll. If we needed to call the station everyday, maybe the officer should've told us. Actually when we questioned a Sgt. after the fact, we were told as a practice, PG Officers don't tell auto-theft victims to call daily because they just don't have the manpower to answer calls and they wouldn't want to be responsible for updating folks. Ironic ehh? National Crime Information Center Database? It would've been nice for the officer to tell us about this fantastic database you speak of. Good stuff. If you don't mind, please drop a link for other folks who may need it. If we can spare at least one Prince George's County resident the grief, it would be well worth it. How did we find out about our vehicle being recovered? The PG County Police Department contacted us by mail to tell us our vehicle was found the very day after we filed the report. It's pathetic that it took 10 days for us to receive said letter. Shameful. I'm appalled. Where was our vehicle found? Our vehicle was found in Prince Georges County, of course, merely 10 miles from where it was stolen. Lets see what else? Storage fees? We're not out of storage fees. We're out a vehicle. It was trashed. Considering the damage done to the vehicle, over $1,000 and the impound fees of $700, it just didn't make sense to claim the vehicle. We cut our losses. The tow company on the other hand probably made up their $750. The upside is the tow company was nice enough to let us retrieve our tag so we could cancel our insurance promptly. Daps to the blood-sucking tow company. The real kicker in this situation is a friend of mine who lives in Howard County had his car stolen just a week after ours, the Howard County Police phoned him the same day his vehicle was found, saving him loads of cash and stress. Being him must be nice. Look, I know you're trying here, InTheKnow aka Prince George's County Police/Public Works/Government sell out supporter....but there's no defending a crappy system that supports businesses over the victims of crime. The police called the tow company. Police could just as easily call the owners of the vehicle or at the very least, mailed a letter, within a reasonable amount of time and this would be a non-issue. Hey folks, ever wonder where all those cars come from at those cool auctions you hear so much about? It's not all drug dealer cars at those auctions, their also vehicles which formerly belonged to bad luck having, tax paying, law abiding Prince Georges County residents who got screwed by thieves then for good measure, were screwed by the County. I'm sorry "InTheKnow", but in this case, I'm in the know because I'm out a vehicle that I paid good money for and I know due diligence was not performed. I'm not being unreasonable. I don't expect PG County police to stop car thieves, lord knows PG has bigger fish to fry, but when they find a stolen vehicle, yeah, they could drop the victims a line. That's not too much to ask of my local government, or is it? This whole thing reminds me of a Lou Dobbs quote, and I can't stand Lou Dobbs, but it fits so well "Doesn't anyone deserve a goverment that works?" Obviously not if you live in Prince Georges County, MD... So what, I'm bitter. I'm allowed to be.