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Interests: bob dylan, understanding, though, steely dan, reading, anyway), david bowie, neil young, john prine, talking heads, the grateful dead, jefferson airplane, the band, kind, i have been married to my wife, jody, for nearly 28 years – all of them consecutive. (and her friends warned her it wouldn’t last!) when people refer to their “better half, ” they can only be talking about my wife. she’s patient, a great mother to our two sons, and still drop-dead gorgeous after all these years. why she puts up with me i’ll never know. i count my blessings every day. we have two fantastic s, after working for a couple years down there, is now pursuing an mba from george washington university in washington, d.c. the younger one will be graduating from the university of miami (florida, not ohio) this spring. trust me, when you live in chicago, illinois. golf is the smallest incorporated village in illinois. yes, it was named for the sport. no, living there does not get me playing privileges at the nearby country club. in my free time, my wife and i enjoy traveling – especially to visit our sons – taking in films, and participating in a variety of sports. we’ve done one mini-triathlon and plan to do more. we do volunteer work in our parish and for the local je, but too frequently find i don’t have enough time to get my handicap below a 14. i haven’t bought an album – oops, i mean cd – that was made after 1979. my listening tastes are varied and include sinatra (i’m italian, it’s a rule we have to like him), bruce springsteen (up to the “nebraska” album, return to forever, and elvis costello. and finally, the first thing i’m going to do when i retire and walk off into the sunset is take my blackberry, which i consider to be a 24/7 electronic leash, and toss into the deepest body of water i can find. in the interim, you always know you can reach me …, it’s good to have a child who goes to school in miami – especially from december through march! we live outside of chicago in the northern suburb
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If you missed the live broadcast of my interview on the Jason Lewis Show, you can listen to the podcast by following the link below... 12/21/10 - 3rd Hour. Thanks!
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2010 on Radio Free Fraternalism… at NFCA President's Blog
I KNEW you were out there! Thanks for the responses to date and keep those anecdotes and elevator speeches coming!
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Mar 15, 2010
I thought this last posting might get some attention. Thanks for your comments, folks. I agree that a healthy fraternal system is composed of all types and sizes of societies. I also think that there is a lot we can learn from one another - large and small. Some of the best places for that education to take place are the Section and Annual Meetings. Take a look at the agendas for these and I think you'll find there's something for everyone to take home and put to use in their organizations. Keep the conversation going...
Ed... good question. You can visit the NFCA website and click on Government Affairs to gain access to our State Roundups. The State of VA also has a website which allows citizens to track legislation by subject matter, bill number, and committee. You may want to bookmark or RSS this page to track new bills. Hope this helps.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2009 on This is not a drill… at NFCA President's Blog
Correct! And his alma mater was Wossamotta U.
And an interesting one, Paul. Thanks for the suggestion!
Wow! Looks like I struck a nerve. The positive responses posted here plus a whole bunch more e-mails sent to me personally, expressing support for this concept, make me think that this just might work. It takes a lot to make a dream come true. But I'm willing to make the effort if you are. Let's talk more about this at the Annual Meeting. And thanks for reading - and responding - to my blog.
That's great news, Kevin. I know that others must be doing similar projects. Now's the time to share not only what you're doing, but what the results of these activities have been and how you've put them to work in your society.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2009 on Growing Younger at NFCA President's Blog
NFCA is a non-partisan organization that advocates on behalf of its members. As such, we work with representatives of both parties. I was not trying to endorse any single party nor the political views expressed in Bill Greener’s article. But I did see a connection between the current state of the GOP and the fraternal system. We, of all people and industries, should be rolling out the welcome mat to people of differing demographics who could benefit from fraternalism as much as previous generations have. I think the values of fraternalism encompass virtually every segment of the population. I don’t think we have to sacrifice our principles to make ourselves more attractive to prospective members. Rather, I think we need to embrace our core beliefs of community service, membership benefits, and financial security more thoroughly; expound on them more eloquently; and expand our ability to offer them to the next generation of members so that the system we are so proud of does not lose its ability to have a positive impact on society.