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Shari Suzuki
Orange County, CA
Interests: taking pictures, online shopping, scrapbooking, traveling, 3, designing shadowboxes, mixed media creations, promoting rsd awareness, 'shop', 'thumbnail', 2).renderiframe();</script>, <a href=", fun family time and basketball...especially march madness! :) <a href=" <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script><script type='text/javascript'>new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(5923135, 'shop','thumbnail',3,2).renderIframe();</script>
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Mar 15, 2010
awesome, donna!!! :) good luck!!! :) shari :)
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hi guys! so glad i finally made it over here! :) just in time for a giveaway! :) love your videos! :) have a great 4th!!! :) shari :) ___________________________________
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hmmmmmm... that's a hard one because it really depends on what i'm making...but, i guess today my favorite crafting tool was my cropadile! :) i use it a lot. :) thanks! shari :)
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i like all the circles you used on this layout! i may just have to "borrow" your idea! :) hmmm...latest crafting purchase...hmmm... i guess that would have to be the making memories embellishment center. i love it! :) take care, shari :) ________________________________________
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hi j! i got mine at :) it was a great deal, so i couldn't resist getting one!!! :) -s :)
WOW!!! What an awesome prize package for a giveaway!!! :) hopw you all had a fun & fantastic NSD!!! :) scrap happy!!! :) shari :) _________________________________
hubby & i went out to eat at the cheescake factory and then saw a movie...7 pounds. we then made it home 8 minutes before midnight to toast the new year with our son, matthew and my parents. :) new year's day, gary went to the rose bowl game! :) happy new year! shari :) ___________________________________________
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lately i have been into SEI...probably because of the huge sale! :) happy holidays! shari :) ___________________________________
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i enjoy so many! i like miracle on 34th st. shari :)
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wow! so many songs to chose, instead of a song, i guess i'll go with an album...Peace by jim brickman! :) btw, i have a RAK on my blog too! :) ___________________________________________
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