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In answer to your question and Aas a former Sect 12-2 approved psychiatrist under the MHA 1983 I can assure you only individuals one at a time can be detained under the Mental Health Act..
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William at last a positive comment from a well known eurosceptic who sees the practical advantages of these DST changes without trying to make it out as some EU based conspiracy which it clearly isnt- but its nevertheless true my professional life will be a lot easier when I dont have to change my watch twive a week as I travel back and forth!Spasiba Bolshoi...
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Spot on Sally. I dont revere Ld Tebbit in quite the same way as my colleague Roger but I found Tebbit's letter in the DT as frankly outrageous as someone taking our whip in the Lords. We eurocandidates are in the middle of a campaign for a serious election nationwide (whatever your views on the EU) which is essential to build momentum for next year's general to instal DC as PM- not to mention how important it is in its own right given the legislative powers now vested in the European parliament, where UKIP MEPs have been singularly lacklustre in their endeavours to represent UK interests as a bunch of lightweight amateurs largely out of their depths in serious international debate and lawmaking. Tebbit effectively recommending an opposition party like UKIP is a disgraceful act which David Cameron should act upon. I cannot for a moment believe Tebbit was suggesting a Green vote and seriously wonder if the man is losing the plot in his dotage. He should retract his comments forthwith. By the way Roger H has forgotten his namesake neighbour who sits alongside him in the unattached group, Roger Knapman, who so fell out with Nigel Farage in a spat that he refuses to speak to him any longer so left the IND/DEM group.
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Theresa Villiers along with most residents under the flight path are right to oppose this scheme. The government has unsuccessfully sought to water down EU air quality directives, fearing that legislation already in place would hamper the Heathrow expansion project and bolster the case of local campaigners. Over 200 million passengers travelled by air in 2008, a fivefold increase since 1970. This rise is unsustainable, which is why Conservatives led by Theresa Villiers MP are committed to look at alternate means of travel including the construction of a modern high-speed rail network to the south west and north of Britain which will link to the Channel Tunnel network and mainland Europe. Although aviation currently only accounts for about 3% of the EU's total greenhouse gas emissions, the sector has seen an 87% increase in CO2 since 1990. In the UK, flights are responsible for an estimated 7% of the nation's carbon emissions. But this is projected to increase to as much as 25% over the coming decades. The UK Government is currently on the receiving end of legal action from the European Commission for breaching EU Air quality legal standards for dangerous airborne particles (Particulate Matter 10) and missing the deadline to apply for a time extension to comply with them. Government maps obtained by the Campaign for Clean Air in London under the Freedom of Information Act, show that the UK Government expects to breach health based air quality laws on nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic gas, in London in 2010. Worsening Air Pollution is believed to be the cause of many respiratory diseases including aggravating childhood asthma and is likely to impact adversely on Londoners' health and life expectancy. Need I say more as a doctor and one of London's 3 Conservative MEPs who also lives under the flight paths!!
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