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I'm a single, urban-dwelling, thirty something gal trying to figure it all out while living with a chronic disease.
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This morning, I woke up earlier than I tend to on a weekend. I could hear birds outside, but with the exception of a few dogs being taken for their early morning walk, my neighborhood still felt quiet and asleep.... Continue reading
Once upon a time, there was a single gal living in a city who got sick. She took to the internet to write about it and sent her woes out into the blogosphere. There, she met lots of wonderful virtual... Continue reading
First off, I have to confess. I am sooooo overdue on putting up this post that I feel I can't begin to write about the book without first apologizing to the author, Kat Elton. Kat kindly contacted me over the... Continue reading
When I moved into my own place for the first time, I thought I had finally achieved heaven- true independence! Little did I know what was in store since my RA was just getting ready to announce itself.... read the... Continue reading
The photo above is one I took of a statue in Brussels. Legend has it that if you rub the statue and make a wish, you will get your heart's desire. Unfortunately, life isn't always so legendary. Read my latest... Continue reading
via We all know dating can be tricky, and when you add a chronic illness into the mix, it gets downright sticky. Join me and Dr. Laurie Ferguson to get down and dirty about dating next Wednesday, June 22,... Continue reading
When I first moved to Baltimore, I was, in a sense, rescued by Sue. Sue was a reader of my blog, and when I posted that I was moving to Charm City, she quickly emailed me to say welcome and... Continue reading
Today, the FDA released new guidelines on SPF to make sure consumers know what they are buying and to offer general recommendations on what provides adequate protection. Great timing since my new post about RA meds and staying safe in... Continue reading
Today, I learned some very sad, heartbreaking news. We have lost one of our own: RA Superbitch, who wrote a bitingly bad-ass blog about battling RA, has passed away. It makes me feel cold. I remember emailing with her after... Continue reading
Read all about how the Arthritis Walk in NYC went last weekend over at MyRACentral (and enter a contest to win$200 at CVS)! Thanks to all who contributed or took part in your own walk. Every little thing we do... Continue reading
In honor of Arthritis Awareness Month, we have planned a bunch of really extraspecial and exciting articles and contests over at MyRACentral for the month. I was particularly excited about being able to interview my favorite chef, Seamus Mullen! As... Continue reading
© 2011, Thrive With RA™, all rights reserved. RA Awareness Ribbon Image © 2011, Thrive With RA™; campaign text and ribbon image may be copied as-is with express permission for RA Awareness use only — must include written reference to... Continue reading
The rumours are true. This die hard yogi has discovered the charms of the gym...or at least the usefullness of one. Just in time, too, since I have the Arthritis Walk coming up in just a few weeks! Read all... Continue reading
My team for the New York Arthritis Walk, the NYC Sick Chick Club, has surpassed our team fundraising goal, but I've been a bit of a slacker and have not yet reached my own personal fundraising goal. This is the... Continue reading
Do you use humor to cope with the challenges RA (or life in general) bring you? Is there anything funny about RA? Read my latest article about humor and rheumatoid arthritis at and then share how you use, or... Continue reading
With RA or any chronic/serious illness, it's sometimes easy to see what's wrong in your life, especially when you are flaring or haven't found a way to manage your illness. In fact, at these times, it's often all you can... Continue reading
How has having a chronic disease impacted your family? Are there others in your family who have exprienced a different illness, and if so, how has that impacted you? Just a few questions to chew on with my latest article... Continue reading
A few weeks ago, I spoke with a writer working on an article for about things you shouldn't say to someone with RA. I spent a good hour of my time speaking with her, thinking I was doing a... Continue reading
Found this article in the NYTimes, and since I know many of us can't drink alcohol due to the meds we take, I wanted to pass it along...especially for those of you living in NYC! When the next Happy Hour... Continue reading
Oh, the dreaded beginning-of-a-new-year diet...but this time, I'm making some genuine changes to the way I eat. Not just for the sake of my RA, but also for the sake of my heart. February is Heart Disease Awareness month, and... Continue reading
As Valentine's Day approaches, it's not all roses and hearts . . . Continue reading
Just about two years ago, I wrote a post about life as a two-shot girl lamenting the fact that my rheumatologist at the time didn't think I was quite ready to halve my dosage of Enbrel. Though a wee bit... Continue reading
Anyone who has followed my blog knows I'm a shoe girl. Even if you are just visiting this blog for the first time, all you have to do is take one look at my signature photo on the right in... Continue reading
Recently, I posed the following question on my Facebook page: What are your thoughts on the idea of surrender as it relates to RA? It got a pretty interesting discussion going. Many of you felt that surrendering was akin to... Continue reading
It's cold season in more ways than one; read my latest article at and don't get left out in the cold! Continue reading