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Rich Milgram At Beyond, our primary goal is to help you find and hire the best people for your business. That’s what our team is here for. But, outside of helping businesses of all sizes meet their hiring goals, I am also passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs and helping businesses succeed in all areas. This post is a bit different from the others you typically read on Employment Metrix, but my hope is that by sharing some of my learnings over the course of 18+ years of growing Beyond as a company, you will be able to take your budding business to the next level. Continue reading
Posted Sep 6, 2016 at Employment Metrix
Although it can sometimes be difficult to avoid political discussions with co-workers, there are a large number of people who are not comfortable sharing their political beliefs in the workplace. A recent poll of more than 6,000 participants conducted by found that more than 49% of professionals consider it inappropriate to discuss politics at work. To avoid conflict, it is best to keep your political opinions to yourself at the office. To access more tips on how to steer clear of uncomfortable conversations in the workplace, here is the link to “Better Think Twice Before Discussing Politics at Work”:
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Although it seems logical that retention would be easier in a down economy, employers should never take their workers for granted. A recent poll of 5,500 professionals conducted by discovered that more than 60 percent of professionals had switched careers at least twice in the last five years, revealing that today’s workers are more willing than ever to make a career transition. Despite the economic recession, employers should continue to develop and enhance their corporate compensation and benefits packages to avoid high turnover. Employers can retain skilled workers by offering competitive salaries, flexible schedules, and making sure individual employees feel challenged and appreciated.
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