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Shelagh Dennis
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Hi Deb! I love the shoes! And I must apologize for not having posted for so long. I'm lazy, I admit it. I love your knitting projects, and would love to see a picture of you wearing the beautiful pink sweater when it's finished.
Hi Lynne, Yes, I'm very sick of winter, and of this lousy spring weather. Wishing for heat, sun, leaves on the trees and cold beverages on the porch. The yarn pooled up like that all by itself, and it's scrummy soft! I love it.
Hi Deb Good to hear from you and I'll look forward to your post! I've already fixed the baby blankie and it'll be fine.
Hi Deb. Fabulous photos! You must have that special filter on for the water. Love it. I should get busy and post again since you've been so good in the last few days. I have something new to show. Glad you're back!
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Apr 27, 2010
10C in November in Manitoba is very warm. You can keep your 42C thanks. We've never had temps like that here. We might get 30C in the summer (July) and that's too hot. I really enjoy temps around 22. I guess it was too good to last. I just looked out the window. It's 0C with a horrendous wind. Last night there was a skiff of snow on the front steps.
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Hi Deb.... so sorry to hear about The Girl's wrist and I can sympathize with her on the pain involved. Of course I haven't done much on the Muir since just before my surgery. I can't help much with the Y/O's since I haven't had the problem. I am back to knitting but sticking with a baby blanket charity item for the time being. I'm doing entirely too much gardening and it hurts my wrist. BTW, I love The West Wing too, and watched it for a few years in re-runs, as well as when it first came out. Love the rainbow!
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