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Thomas Flake
Serial entrepreneur with four kids and a serious addiciton to the outdoors.
Interests: Business Development, Solving environmental issues utilizing free market solutions, Investing, Fitness (weight lifting, swimming, running, martial arts), Outdoor Extreme Activities (rock climbing, whitewater rafting), Philosophy (Research into where technology is taking us)
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Rick, It isn't that "...that not long ago, I might've said the very same thing had circumstances availed the opportunity." In fact, you did say things very like what conservatives are saying today with regard to the Pope and the economy/environment when I penned "The Immorality of Christians" on your site. I encourage you to go back and re-read your response. Perhaps it is that you are simply more enlightened today. Regardless, I think you may find it eye opening how far you have come my friend. Tom
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2015 on “Tired of the pope.” at Brutally Honest
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Hi Tim, When you say, "Of course Obama and his Republicans friends will make sure gas pricing don't stay cheap by imposing more taxes." I suppose they could tax gasoline at the pump, but I don't see the political will to do that. I don't see the newly elected Republican majority having an appetite to raise taxes. What you say about Obamacare is true. Interestingly it isn't clear what happens to productivity when 30MM residents have improved access to healthcare. Logic would indicate that there would be net improvement in productivity it is simply unclear by how much. Here's the thing, I wouldn't necessarily agree that we shouldn't raise taxes If and Only If the increased revenue were used to pay down the debt. I believe that is the moral imperative of our time. With 18 Trillion+ in debt, we currently pay $240 BB per year in interest...What if we had no debt? What could the surplus be used for. It is about $800 per year for every man woman and child...stolen from our children. So one rational response to keep the economy from overheating in the scenario I've forecast is to increase taxes. Better to pay down the national debt and reduce the burden we are leaving our children than to willy / nilly allow the negative effects of a strong dollar and huge inflation. Certainly better that than to have the Fed collect it in increased interest payments. But historically fiscal policy and monetary policy are at odds so I realize this is fantasy. What will happend is the government won't take action, the Fed won't take sufficient action soon enough and we will be faced with significant wage inflation AND an overly valuable dollar. Which are two things that shouldn't co-exist but I think will. This will cause rotation out of export producing industries and rotation into domestic consumption producing industries. Don't believe me? Check out what happened to US Steel in the stock market today. They are getting hammered because of a strong dollar. You should think about shorting Caterpillar because the strong dollar will make it impossible for them to compete against Komatsu.
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"I am running for president..."By Tom Flake There is currently an experiment in Social Media going on at . It is a mock election with real world implications. I'd like to ask for your support.I am running for president... Continue reading
"I am running for president..."By Tom Flake There is currently an experiment in Social Media going on at . It is a mock election with real world implications. I'd like to ask for your support.I am running for president... Continue reading
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