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The Toy Box collection is fabulous! I would love to scrap board game nights with it. The scrapbook layout is beautiful. I think I am brave enough to try a small version on a card!
What a huge project! Thank you for sharing the process...I'm not sure I'd ever have the patience to do this, but what a treasure for your parents!
Thank you for the kind comment! I can't wait to return!
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Thank you so much for the clarification. I will edit the post.
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Glad you liked it! Can you think of another essential Austin hangout (that isn't in the usual tourist guides) that we should take out-of-town visitors?
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Mar 15, 2010
The first impression of the town is that it's a kid's heaven and an adult's hell...Garish touristy stuff everywhere. Ripley's Wax Museum, $5 t-shirt shops, Planet Hollywood, etc. But it turns out there are lovely gardens, a butterfly conservatory, several falls-related films, an elevator ride down behind the falls, an elevator ride up a spire to get a bird's eye view, and plenty to spend a couple of days on.
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My team just completed its second sprint and the ability to narrow our focus calmed us and completely changed the atmosphere. If management can stand to let the process work, they will see enormous productivity and very happy employees.
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