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Syed Hasan
Vancouver, Canada
Thought leader in Customer Experience Management and founder of ResponseTek Networks Corp.
Interests: motorcycles, technology, politics, family, science, cars, different cultures, how things work., english football
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How often as a consumer do you come away from an interaction with a company saying something to the effect of, "They only pay lip service to listening to customer!”? Unfortunately despite the best intentions of senior executives to make... Continue reading
A comprehensive approach to Customer Experience Management (CEM) ensures a business is providing the experience customers expect, real service. The success of a complete CEM program requires significant organizational commitment, investment in a CEM platform and overcoming several challenging barriers, the most important being: •Identifying the benefits of a CEM program •Tailoring insights to be relevant for job roles •Timely distribution of customer feedback •Effectively driving improvements using customer experience data Continue reading
Companies can no longer turn a blind eye to or be selective with addressing the needs of their customers. It is imperative that companies listen to their customers and take action to offer better, personal service to avoid being faced with the harsh reality of losing business to their competitors. Continue reading
To successfully implement this strategy, organizations need advanced technology to collect feedback across business channels, evaluate it and disperse internally, allowing teams to enhance their customer service offerings and expand their customer base. Continue reading
Measure experience at the individual customer level. Statistics, such as 72 per cent satisfaction among an organization’s customers, do not necessarily equate to happy customers. Customers know they are one of many but still expect to be treated with individual attention and care. When experiences are measured and reported at the customer level, action can be taken to intervene as needed Continue reading
We have learnt a lot over the past 12 years and worked with many great companies in many different industries. We have always tried to give back to the industry by supporting events and talking about our experiences with clients. Continue reading
Thought I would post a short note on our recent partnership with Call Miner in the field of real-time voice analytics software. We have been working for several years in the call centre to help agents connect with the "real"... Continue reading
We received some great news that the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) today announced that ResponseTek has be selected as one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies in Canada. ResponseTek has always prided itself on having a culture of innovation... Continue reading
Really excited about formalizing our relationship with Synovate to deliver Customer Experience Management Solutions to the Research Market. Synovate have shown a real awareness of how the research world is changing and how technology solutions need to be used to... Continue reading
It has been refreshing of late to see some of our friends in the analyst community have an open debate regarding whether it is appropriate to continue to categorize solutions such as ResponseTek as EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) or by... Continue reading
I have committed the Number One Sin when it comes to writing a blog, NOT BLOGGING! Not blogging regularly has to be one of the worst things a blogger can do. It seems that it doesn't matter what the quality... Continue reading
I came across this article in Fast Company Magazine today asking if Net Promoter (NPS) was really the ultimate question in customer experience management. It is refreshing to see that there are companies out there willing to look past the... Continue reading
While we're all busy trying to figure out Apple's Ping, using Google Instant and trying to get our hands on the new Blackberry Torch - there are people on the other side of the world worrying about where they're going... Continue reading
So you have to ask yourself, how many Frank's do you have in your business? and how long before they leave to join a company that does recognize their contribution? Continue reading
Regardless of the differences in North America and Europe relating to text message feedback programs, what we have seen within clients is proof of a technology and approach that is here to stay and one that can dramatically change the way a company connects with it's customers and employees. Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
In a fight for holiday shopping dollars, many companies are now using feedback from customers - on everything from store cleanliness and staff behavior to billing and support issues - to respond directly to customers to solve complaints. And they're... Continue reading
Tak, Makes a good point and the use of positive feedback is as important if not more important than negative feedback. The challenge for CE exec's is often that they are not operating at the actual "voice of the customer" level, good or bad. They tend to be removed from where the rubber meets the road and also unaware of how technology can be leveraged to achieve their CE goals.