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Merry Christmas - hope you feel better soon!
I think your comparison of the book's structure to a photo album is apt - the narrative was linear, but zoomed in on some episodes while jumping over years in between. I had a little trouble getting started with it, but once I did, I stayed hooked. I liked Frances' voice, although I wasn't always sure I liked HER all that much. The story's drama and points of conflict felt like they came from real life, and I found that to be part of its appeal. I lived in Florida for ten years, and I thought that Daniel did an excellent job of evoking Miami through a transitional period in the city's history. I'd been waffling about reading this novel, but I'm glad I did - thanks for hosting the book club, Gayle!
WHAT'S LEFT IS THE DAUGHTER is being excerpted at this week, so I've been reading it in my e-mail, but I'm afraid it's not really bowling me over.
Have a great Thanksgiving! I'm thankful I met you in person this year :-).
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Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
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Seriously? I'll write about things I bought myself, but because I want to. If someone's asking me to write about their product, providing it is LITERALLY the least they can do. Hope they get the hint!
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Great recap of the conference call! My mom was an early-onset Alzheimer's patient, and this has been a major cause for me for many years. I learned quite a bit from the call and the excerpts of the report that I've read. (I posted on it yesterday.) While the reluctance to talk about it isn't hard to understand, Alzheimer's really does need to be a bigger topic of conversation - and action.
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I SO hear you. I decided a couple of years ago not to seek a different job in my field - not so much because I love the one I have right now, but because I don't want to start it over again somewhere else. I'd really love not being an accountant any more. Based on the comments to this, I think you really struck a nerve!
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This book has been on my wish list for months, and I hope that the fact you're talking with the author now means it will be out in paperback soon! I enjoyed the interview. 3.rsblog AT Gmail DOT com
I am currently reading SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson for Banned Books Week (although I'm not sure it officially HAS been banned/challenged, I'm counting it anyway). It's a paperback but has a cover with flaps, and I'm using the flaps as built-in bookmarks.
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I had that mac & cheese at the Brooklyn Diner when I was in NYC for vacation in June. I thought it was UNBELIEVABLE. I'm glad you agree! :-) (But yeah, that place isn't exactly your stereotypical "diner.")
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My mother-in-law lives in Oceanside and has a guest house...that's close enough to San Diego, and she won't charge me rent! (But seriously, I should just request that whole two-week period as vacation time from work...) Great recap! I know what you mean about the size of the conference, though. I'd been considering skipping BlogHer next year in favor of the Book Blogger Convention (NYC in May), but now that BlogHer'11 will be in San Diego, there's a much better chance I'll be going. Hope I see you again before then, though! :-D
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I'm glad we had the chance to meet in person! Thanks for your support at my panel :-). Sorry I missed the chance to hang out with you and Nicole, though. I'm still debating BlogHer'11, but will most likely go - after all, San Diego's practically in my neighborhood. I'll look forward to seeing you again there!
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I'm so glad we caught up at BlogHer! Too bad we both had to go 3000 miles from home to see each other :-D.
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I have A Short History of Women - bought it at Kramerbooks in DC when I was there last month - but haven't gotten to it yet. One of these days...
My eyesight is probably even worse than yours, although the description of yours sounds awfully familiar. I've been wearing (non-prescription) reading glasses over my contacts for a few years now...and I've been over forty for a few years too. Coincidence? I think not :-). Good luck with the eye doctor!
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I discovered not long after I began blogging three years ago that even though I intended to blog primarily about books and reading, I fit into another niche as well: I was a Mom With a Blog. I didn't see... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2010 at LA Moms Blog
Cheerios and Chex have always been my go-to cereals - but only in the classic versions. These new fruity, fussy varieties just leave me cold. I guess I've always been a cereal traditionalist.
This was definitely the surprise of the week, wasn't it? I knew you and a few of the other LA Moms Bloggers before SV Moms actually branched out down here, but being part of this group has definitely expanded my circle, and I'll always appreciate that! Thanks for sharing your reflections on the end of this phase, Donna, and I hope we can figure out a way to move on to another one!
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I never would have known about that if you hadn't told me - great photo op! Thanks for the tip :-).
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It's taken me an awfully long time to get there - I hope you can do it much sooner!
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We're seeing "The Addams Family" - I've heard that it's gotten mediocre reviews, but the subject matter is familiar, which I think is a plus with kids. I just hope we're not seeing on understudy night!
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