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Distinguish rights of access or control of access to the account from “ownership” - I suspect that Twitter owns the accounts and their contents under its membership agreement. If Twitter and the Library of Congress believe that Twitter has the right to donate copies of all tweets to the Library of Congress, then it would seem that they think Twitter owns these rights. The question, then, is do the former employer or former employee have any surviving rights of access or control of access? EMM
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Was. "Charlotte School of Law - Part-Time Evening Program" (
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Comment at the Administrative Law Prof Blog: Ultra vires fun (
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Two things: First, always get as close as possible to the primary source - and not just for citations. Remember the "telephone" game, where a bunch of children got in a line and the first whispered a story to the second, the second to the third, et seq.? Second, have you thought of searching on SSRN ( vice JSTOR? Ted McClure, Faculty Services Librarian, Phoenix School of Law
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