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Marsha Keeffer
Interests: Carolyn See is my favorite writer - I also like Walt Whitman, Emily Dickenson, Basho, Sylvia Plath, and lots of others. Movies - Mamma Mia!, Casablanca, I'll Fly Away, Little Miss Sunshine and too many others to list.
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Hey Kris - what a smart idea....just voted. Love it!
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Warren at the inag is like having the Imperial Grand Wizard at an NAACP event. No thanks.
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For those on unemployment, contracting is also a great idea because it helps extend your benefits. Your contracting is deducted, but the unemployment runs longer as a result.
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Glad to know Angela's job isn't on the line - yet! Nothing could be more painful than firing a relative. This post really made me think about how to best manage working with family members. I think a type of 'biz pre-nup' has to be agreed upon so that there are guiding points for ending the work relationship cleanly if it comes to that.
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Kris, people who are seeking to hire a resume writer should absolutely ask what the person's business background is. Just the ability to put words to paper won't result in a quality resume. Here's what to do: 1. Get a clear agreement in advance as to whether the person will even speak with you on the phone - most online resume writers won't. 2. Clarify how many edits you'll get. At a minimum, the writer should deliver the resume and do an edit to meet your needs. 3. It's vital that the time to delivery be specified - resume writing is a tight time turn business. If they say it'll take two weeks for your draft, walk away. 4. Forms are necessary, but 20 pages is another exit sign.
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