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St. Louis, MO
I'm a marketing, advertising and digital media executive recruiter with over 30 years of experience, as a photographer, a VP and Director of Operations for a marketing resource, and now as a recruiter and consultant.
Interests: My interests include Barbara, my wife, love of my life, best friend and biggest supporter, my family and friends, photography, marketing theory and tactics, golf, fly fishing and continually trying to refine my culinary skills. Can't forget Lucy & Linus, our twin fellines!
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If you’re considering hiring new staff in this Q1, chances are that you’ve determined very specifically those skills which will deliver the most return, quickest. The days of just “hiring” employees are diminishing. As modern marketing becomes more and more complex, it’s essential to hire the correct experienced skillset, that will increase or enhance your existing capabilities. Were you forced to layoff HR and/or recruiting staff in 2020? Many employers simply couldn’t afford the luxury of non-revenue producing positions, no matter how important they were considered. If you post a job online today, will you have the experienced staff necessary to efficiently assess the quality of the applicants and respond promptly? Bishop Partners is here to support your recruiting efforts. Whether you want local, regional or remote workers, our database of thousands of marketers of every discipline delivers referrals (if not candidates) surprisingly quickly. Our 35+ years in marketing and 20+ recruiting marketers of all disciplines, uniquely positions us to help your hiring managers identify specifically those traits and skills most critical . . . and do it very quickly. As a result of Covid created Client need, I have “unbundled” the recruiting services. You post the position, I’ll screen... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2021 at The Perfect Fit
While 2020 has delivered unexpected and incredibly challenging issues, it has also shown that we’re stronger and more resilient that we might have imagined. Thanksgiving is the time to take time and reflect on all that we have to be Thankful for. I’ve renewed my thanks that I’m living the life that I’m living, challenges notwithstanding. • I’m thankful for Barbara, the love of my life and constant companion (especially during quarantine). It helped reinforce our love for each other. • I’m thankful for my family and friends who have stayed healthy and such an incredibly important part of my life. • I’m thankful that I’m healthy. Devastating death and a virus make me realize how uncertain life really is and what I have to be thankful for . . . • I’m thankful for loyal Clients who have supported me, encouraged me and hired me through 2020! • I’m thankful for my trusted reputation, encouraging candidates at every level of marketing and digital media to contact me for future opportunities. • I’m thankful that I can support and advise those who need help with presenting themselves in the best light or with advice on career next steps. • I’m... Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
We're excited to be starting a new search with a new Client. We're also excited about the fact that the job market is getting more active. I'm expecting the activity to continue picking up so that in January of 2021, companies are going to start hiring again! I know that would be a welcome change of events for lots of you who've been affected by Covid! Senior Strategic B2B Marketing Manager #20102 Location: Clayton, Missouri General Description: This Strategic Marketing Manager in Clayton, MO will be responsible for developing growth oriented, marketing strategy and communications plans across three companies, in North America and Europe. A communication, design and tech enthusiast who displays the kind of organized, multi-tasking leadership skills required to research current markets and competition, while juggling multiple projects simultaneously? You’ll report to the CEO, while collaborating with the Presidents of three other companies to develop and execute compelling B2B sales and marketing strategies. You’ll have the opportunity to make an immediate impact, while building the foundation for future initiatives that support our Client’s ongoing global growth. You will earn a seat on the Executive Leadership Team . . . Interested? Principal Responsibilities: While reporting directly to the CEO,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
Are you posting jobs and being overwhelmed with applicants? No staff or time to properly identify and screen the best applicants? You’re not alone . . . We can help! I know from recent conversations that many employers are not “waiting patiently” for Covid to become more “under control”. They are realizing that the past four months have forever changed the way business will be conducted. Employment for the future has radically changed, almost overnight! Highly specialized digital marketing “specialists” remain elusive, yet in constant in demand. They’re difficult to identify, recruit and hire, even if you’re willing to let them work remotely. Maybe you’re receiving “unsolicited” resumes. Do they just get “filed” or added to a database somewhere? Does anyone in HR have the time or expertise to screen them and determine if there might be an exceptionally talented or skilled pro who wants to work for your company? What if it’s a skill you really need . . . but you don't respond? Client demand has helped us re-imagine new ways to support Employers’ Talent Acquisition and hiring needs. We’ve rolled out different ways for Clients to deal with the cost of recruiting search, by spreading payments over... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
July 1 was the 19th Anniversary of Bishop Partners and my becoming an Executive Recruiter! This past year was both the best and the worst in some ways. It was the best professionally and personally, but Covid-19 has obviously had unbelievable impact on all of our lives and jobs. Fortunately, this past year has been professionally excellent. I was worried that people (Clients especially) would think that my move to Florida, meant that I was retiring. Not even close! Fortunately, Barbara’s and my move for personal reasons has had little impact on my business. I’ve survived past recessions, terror attacks and social unrest. My experience and national reputation continues to be a strong foundation for Bishop Partners’ ongoing success. I’m thankful! I want to thank all of you who have contributed to our success over these past 19 years. I wouldn’t still be here without your support, your positive feedback and your referrals . . . to both colleagues (Candidates) and Employers (Clients). Thank you! Even though I had two searches cancelled at the offer stage in early April, I’ve been pretty busy. I have new Clients in St. Louis, Austin, Ft. Lauderdale and Las Vegas. That reputation (and maybe... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
General Description: Our Client is looking for a smart and ambitious eCommerce Marketplace Manager to join their team. As their eCommerce Manager, you will be responsible for taking care of day to day operations for select online marketplaces/sales channels, while delivering strong digital marketing strategies, execution, and improving sales. Our Client is still growing, so you’ll receive personalized hands-on training and development from the Founder & CEO, who’s also the Sales & Marketing Manager. We’re looking for smarts, ambition, attention to detail, dedication, hard work and an entrepreneurial and fun-loving spirit. The opportunity is to help continue to grow our Clients Brands and organization, while earning increasing responsibility and financial reward, for the long term. Principal Responsibilities: Reporting directly to the CEO, Director of Sales & Marketing, this position will be responsible for leading the product catalog on account sites, developing strategies to drive growth, while seeking new accounts to onboard. The opportunity is working in a fast paced, high energy environment working directly with the CEO. Self-direction and making your own decisions will be encouraged. • Serve as a primary ecommerce account lead and contact, managing the day-to-day relationship with external selling partners to optimize sales and profit performance... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
This is the perfect time to enhance your talent pipeline! The situation caused by Covid-19, is unlike any other economic slowdown in history. It’s not driven by economics, but by biology. Just like SARS, or MERS or H1N1, this pandemic will end. We’re seeing encouraging signs of employment and the stock market rebounding. Even NYC has taken the first steps of “opening up”. There’s a cautious optimism about our economy. Executive leadership teams are having strategic conversations about what to do as their business picks back up. Every furloughed worker will not be brought back. This is an opportunity to re-position, refine and “topgrade” those critical roles that will help bring your brand or company back and lead it into the future. ‘Bringing back’ is just the start. Creating meaningful strategy and innovations based on what will be a new reality, is essential for brand survival and growth. This is the time to scrutinize, refine and enhance your team for maximum efficiency and productivity. Candidates have never been more accessible. They thought their employers had a very positive feeling about them. Many believed themselves to be ‘indispensable’. Many were absolutely stunned and angry, after having been furloughed or laid off.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
I wanted to send a note of support and optimism, as business has stopped, literally overnight . . . we’re here to help you. I agree with those marketing prognosticators and many of our Clients, who suggest that once this virus is under control and we approach ‘normalcy’, business and demand for marketing will explode with the pent-up demand that will have been simmering for months. Jobs will return to support that demand. Whether laid-off or furloughed employees wait for their former employer to hire them back is an open question. There will be new, better opportunities. There are CEOs and Managing Partners all over, who are wondering “What will we do to staff properly for the future”. The most experienced executives are creating contingency plans, in case “their” employees have found a better opportunity. The most sought after, data driven skillsets have changed and will be in high demand. Opportunities will abound! Brands will be hiring! I want you to know that I’m not just here for you when times are great! We’re not going anywhere. I continue to value our relationship. I’ve got your back. If there’s anything we can to do help, now or as business picks... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
General Overview: The Digital Media Analyst will execute online marketing campaign strategy and work with a team of digital marketing experts to create strategies. They are results and data oriented and can track and communicate key performance indicators and success metrics to their teams. They will regularly implement opportunities for optimization, including but not limited to advertising creative and landing page optimization, bid management, and budget allocation. They will learn the ways of direct response digital media from experts, so that they too can become an expert over time. Please note that, at this time and for this position, we cannot accommodate current or future sponsorship needs for US work authorization. Working remotely is not an option for this role. Our Client is providing relocation expense assistance. Principal Responsibilities • Successfully manage campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and other ad platforms • Turn client strategies into outcomes through strong follow through and impeccable communication skills • Work with teams to improve KPIs through data insights and reporting that needs to be presented for internal and external stakeholders • Refine the reporting process for client campaigns including managing the universal data pull, creating report templates and partnering with the media... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
American’s (and the World) are discovering we’re all much more vulnerable to the unforeseen, in ways we couldn’t have imagined even one month ago. Our lives have all been flipped, literally overnight. We don’t have control of what’s going to happen, no matter how much we try. At this point in time, we’re all vulnerable, we’re worried and in need of support. Your personal assessments of it all, will determine to what degree you're worried. I think COVID-19 will be defeated and result in disruptive, but positive innovation and change, in all sorts of areas. Already, the most obvious example is working from home. Too many employers have ignored what could be a part of the solution to their staffing issues and resisted allowing working from home. Necessity is now delivering new ideas of how to interact online and not only with work. Many of these strategies are going to live on and evolve into ubiquitous tools for the future. Right now, online interaction is actually supporting our being closer to each other. While there’s personal “social distancing”, there’s more positive, personal interaction online. There’s also a trend of more empathy and support and less social discord, like bullying. We’re... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
This is a time of banding together, understanding others’ circumstances and treating everyone with respect. Looking for a job and applying for a job are anxiety provoking issues . . . especially if someone finds themselves in the position of currently being without work and any source of income. There’s no more insecure feeling . . . Imagine how that anxiety is being compounded every hour of every day right now, as we hear more and more uncertainty about COVID-19. Social media is amplifying this pandemic and making wildly irresponsible predictions and projections about what could happen. Broadcast news is more measured, but endless . . . More anxiety provoking . . . Job seekers are understandably freaking out! I currently have candidates in front of several Clients for new career opportunities. All of the candidates have received positive feedback on their initial conversations with those Clients. Now, after two weeks, we’re still waiting to hear what might be next. I understand that nobody really knows what’s next or how to plan for that uncertainty. Nonetheless, I’d like employers to step up and do a much better job of communicating with their pending candidates. Yes, their candidates, they’re not someone... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
I’m thrilled to announce a new strategic relationship with ROJEK Consulting. ROJEK is a premiere marketing consulting firm that advises Fortune 500 brands and growing companies on their marketing management strategies. I first learned about ROJEK through industry articles in Ad Age and Adweek over the years. ROJEK and their founder/leader Lorraine Stewart were (and are) clearly one of the leading advertising consulting resources for consumer brands in the US. Their reputation and work has been established from advising companies like GM, Planet Fitness, UPS, travelocity and White Castle, among many others, to best identify and evaluate their advertising industry and digital marketing suppliers. In 2020 their consulting services for CMOs also includes executive talent recruitment and executive coaching programs for in-house creative teams. Several years ago, I was pleased when Lorraine asked me to help her with a project she was working on at the time. As a result of our successful experience we have expanded our practice and offering leveraging our skills and experiences. This service includes recruiting services for CMOs, CCOs and other marketing and creative leaders, as well as helping a company plan, structure and recruit its in-house creative capabilities, a fast-growing current trend. I look... Continue reading
Posted Mar 10, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
The Director of Consumer Insights opportunity in Austin, Texas, will be tasked with leading our Client’s in-house consumer research team and representing the voice of the consumer while driving strategic decision-making based on consumer data and actionable insights. You will refine and enhance an internal research operating model from the ground up and play a center-of-excellence role that supports research efforts across the organization. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, experience leading a team, and experience being the strategic advisor for high profile consumer clients. The role offers a strong career path along with a learning environment where you will expand and develop your market research and leadership skills. This is a working director role. You’ll be guiding the work from your team but will also be responsible for managing your own research projects Our Client is looking for the very best and will support re-location by assisting with expenses. Responsibilities: Designing and facilitating workshops/sessions that creatively engage the audience, cultivate consensus and provide solutions to brand and business challenges Translate business questions into research plans, utilize internal platform to design and program the research instruments Analyze data and develop insightful results or... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
The Account Supervisor plays a key role in steering the day-to-day direction of account teams, as we help emerging brands and iconic companies bring their stories to life in differentiated and compelling ways. You will be responsible for overseeing the overall success and health of a significant agency account, nurturing client relationships, and managing team budgets. To be successful in this role, you should be an organized, agile and clever communicator effectively leads across a diverse set of teams and industries. If you are passionate about working with interesting brands and providing the best client service at one of the best agencies in the country, come join us! We’re looking for exceptional talent, so we’ll happily provide relocation assistance, for those of you who’ve always wanted to move to Austin. Principal Responsibilities: Develop and execute creative, strategic programs, projects, and initiatives that enhance client brands and advance their overarching communication objectives Drive workflow across multiple teams, projects, partner agencies and clients, resulting in more sales. Oversee teams and ensure all deadlines, budgets and client expectations are met; provide solutions to maintain client satisfaction Maximize the efficiency of accounts by working with account Directors and VP’s to manage resources and work... Continue reading
Posted Jan 24, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
Business owners, principals and leaders want to know how the best executive recruiters sustain employer culture If you Google “Company Culture”, in 0.67 seconds, you’re overwhelmed by 127,000,000 results. There’s an incredible amount of interest in company culture, because it’s perceived as the foundation for everything from employee stability, to corporate growth, profitability and sustainability. Most will agree that a Company’s culture is fundamental to the success or failure of that company, by any measure. There are an incredible number of “measures” of a culture. Some say there are four types, some say eight and some say 10! There’s no one right answer. The question is really, do you know how to add those ingredients (both tools and people) which will support, then improve your culture? Do you know what and who not to add to that culture? The knowledge of both is absolutely critical! Couple that with the skilled talent shortage and you can see why recruiters are in demand. “Post and Pray”, isn’t working any better than ever and certainly fails when viewed through the lens of culture. The most recent issue of AdAge had the annual “Best Places to Work” issue. There’s no question that better culture... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2020 at The Perfect Fit
Marketing Manager #19121 Location: St. Louis County General Description: For our St. Louis County Client, marketing is about understanding people — and building awareness about how our products/services can satisfy their needs. We’re looking for an experienced and versatile marketing manager who is hungry to do this and more. Our ideal candidate has experience developing and executing marketing campaigns while managing and inspiring a team. He/she will be comfortable with day-to-day marketing activities, as well as long-term strategy, thriving with tight deadlines and changing needs. If you are a people-person who loves the rewarding challenge of building a brand, we want to hear from you. Objectives of this Role: • Establish positioning, identify target audiences, and develop marketing plans with specific objectives across different channels and segments • Lead the execution of marketing programs from start to finish, leveraging internal support and driving collaboration • Create, maintain, and conduct analytics reporting across multiple platforms and extract key insights for future campaign development and go-to-market strategies, complete with formal proposals and recommendations on tactics • Partner with email, performance marketing and web teams to design, test and evolve lead nurturing tactics. Principal Responsibilities: • Working in partnership with the creative team,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
General Description: Our St. Louis County Client is on the move, while growing and expanding their marketing department. As Director, you’ll provide efficient and effective prioritization, planning, delivery support and tracking/analysis of our marketing plan. You’ll be responsible for the annual planning process, marketing performance measurement, capacity analysis across the marketing, lead generation and conversion journey. This is your opportunity to lead the marketing team for a franchise that’s rapidly growing across the Midwest, delivering high value healthcare support in a retail environment. We’re looking for someone who wants to “make a difference”, not just “do a job”. We’re looking for a goal driven individual who understands the need to manage both up and down, to attain goals. You’ll report to the CEO. Responsibilities Include: • Oversee corporate marketing strategy development, execution, monitoring and improvement on an annual and weekly basis. • Manage, develop and expand the marketing team’s programs, personnel and performance across Direct, Digital, Telemarketing, PR, Broadcast and community Outreach channels in multiple geographic markets. • Report to Executive Leadership Team on a monthly basis; results, projections and vision for future sales and marketing strategies. • Be accountable for the annual budgeting, marketing strategy and resulting lead generation,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
Last week, I was interviewed by Jack Kelly, for an article in Forbes. I was impressed with Jack's thinking and some of the subjects of his articles and/or blog. Here's one of those articles, I thought especially on target and likely of interest to many . . . We are living in a fast-paced, unstable time period where things change swiftly and dramatically. The corporate world is more dynamic and chaotic than ever. In our parents’ or grandparents’ generations, they would accept a job and hold onto it throughout the entire duration of their careers. However, those days are over and done with. The advancement of technology, globalization and the corporate view that employees are disposable have all changed the game. We can no longer view our careers as safe and sacrosanct. You can be sitting in your office chair this morning, happy and satisfied. Then, two weeks later, there’s a corporate-wide reorganization and you’re shown the door. You can be replaced by technology or a less-experienced, lower-cost employee. Your job could be moved to another country or your role could be deemed no longer relevant or required. The only constant is change. It's critically important to start a plan... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
The "Most Placeable Candidate" (MPC) is a term used in the recruiting industry to describe a candidate that the recruiter is willing to represent into a market, because the recruiter believes that (s)he can succeed in placing that candidate with a Company. I think that term should really be, “Most Valuable Candidate” (MVC). It’s not about the Recruiter succeeding, it’s about the recruiter helping his Client succeed, by delivering value. Clients aren’t stupid. If they believe that a candidate can add enough value to their team, they’ll hire that person. It’s not about making it easy for the recruiter . . . ! Because of my marketing and digital media specialty, I’m in an excellent position to know my Clients and the regional community. I have a good idea of the sorts of candidates that could add substantial value to their company. My specializing also results in being well known nationally, in the industry that I serve. I’m very proud of the trusted reputation that encourages top performing pros in every marketing or media specialty or discipline, to confidentially be referred or introduce themselves to me and ask for my help in identifying their next career opportunity. They trust me... Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
With the span of companies we service ranging from start-ups to publicly traded global corporations, I’ve fielded the Client question, "Why hire a professional recruiter"? from many different persperctives. The answer is not one size fits all. Hiring executives in larger companies partner with me to strategically target talent during a period of growth, change or to confidentially replace leadership. Smaller family owned businesses or startups may need our help to plan for succession, market opportunities, advise on organizational structure or identify a role that will align and deliver business goals. Here are a few reasons why a partnership with Bishop yields a high return: 1) Time is money. We streamline the process with an in-depth analysis of the client company keeping an eye on short and long term goals to clearly identify the role. Only the top candidates are presented so the hiring authority in evaluating key, qualified and interested people. Interview coordination and close contact during the hiring phase and on-boarding also tightens process time. 2) Marketing is paramount in attracting top talent for your company. We’re representing your brand, strategic initiatives and big picture goals. Our approach is to communicate clearly the vision, history, and uniqueness of... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
The Summer of ’19 . . . Wow, a summer of unexpected surprises, marked by rapid personal and professional changes! In late February of this year, my 57 year old brother-in-law dropped dead of a heart attack. He had been healthy, happy and always fun to be around. He was a best friend. Several months later, my father-in-law died unexpectedly. He was 92 and in excellent health. He had a very active social life and called us or stopped by every day. He last visited my wife and I on a Sunday, had a heart attack on a Monday, was hospitalized and died that Thursday. We all know that “tomorrow’s not guaranteed” and “life’s too short”! My wife Barbara and I were having a conversation in mid-May, when we both suddenly looked at each other and wondered, “what are we waiting for”? Why don’t we make a change, get out of the fast-paced, high pressure daily life we live (we both own our own businesses) and start enjoying more of life? We decided to do just that. When we decided to sell our Condo and move, we weren’t exactly sure where we’d go. We put our condo on the market... Continue reading
Posted Aug 23, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
I'm thrilled to be celebrating my 18th Anniversary of career fulfillment as an executive recruiter! This is the most exciting Summer I’ve had since I left home to go to Washington University. There are many similarities with that summer move. Before I write about the move and changes (in the next blog post), I’m over a month overdue in Celebrating the 18th Anniversary of Bishop Partners and my being a Recruiter. That Anniversary was officially July 1. I want to take the opportunity of this Anniversary to (belatedly) thank everyone who’s helped me or my business over all those years. There's no question that I could not have had the successes without you. As a result of your support or guidance or friendship, I was able to overcome the mistakes, misfires, errors in judgement or maybe just bad luck, that from time to time led to disappointment or outright failure. You helped me learn from those mistakes. The goal is to be able to grow from those failures and learn from them . . . don’t let them happen again. I appreciate your experience, knowledge and support. It’s been appreciated and valued. I hope it continues. At the same time,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
General Description: The successful candidate is accountable for the voice, style, tone, messaging, and thought leadership of our Client’s brand and have overall responsibility for its content output across all mediums. S/he will lead and manage a combination of internal and external content resources to produce all brand related content. S/he will also perform writing and editing work, as needed, including developing brand content guidelines. The Director of Marketing will be accountable for all marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, and leads that deliver revenue. As part of this, s/he will develop and manage the brand editorial calendar and associated organization workflows. They will also perform ongoing measurement and optimization of the program, including oversight of supporting social channels. Our Client is a high-growth technology company with a demanding work environment, suitable only for self-starters and people who can exercise professional judgment without constant supervision. We strive to create an enthusiastic, close-knit culture that values excellence and over-delivery. Responsibilities: • Make sure that company brand copy needs and goals are met in all aspects, including timelines and budget • Develop editorial governance for all branded content • Ensure that precise brand content standards are both set and adhered to, consistently... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
I had an interesting conversation Friday, with a three year-old digital media start up, that’s been consistently growing, since their founding. Now their growth is starting to accelerate, creating staffing, capacity and velocity issues. They’re having trouble hiring experienced pros with the specific skillsets they require. They understand that some recruiters consistently succeed in hiring support, but it’s an expensive proposition, especially with ongoing multiple hires/year. During that conversation with the founding partners, we explored new ways of working together, that meet their expense challenges and investor expectations, while still providing the skilled workers they need in a timely way. It was exciting to think about. While attending #MDMC19 last week, it was apparent that there are multiple companies competing for the same employee skillsets. Those who have a dedicated focus on recruiting research, identification and outreach, will win the “War for Talent”. We’ve heard about that War for years, well . . . it’s here Now! There are fractional CMO, CFOs, CIOs and other senior executives, why not fractional CTOs? (Chief Talent Officers)? The challenge is finding a recruiter who understands the Client need and has the ability to consistently and quickly identify, recruit and hire those elusive, hyper... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2019 at The Perfect Fit
The first quarter of this year is the busiest start to a year we’ve ever experienced! We’re proud to have worked with a diverse Client base ranging from tiny start-ups to Fortune 100 iconic brands. What’s struck me as most interesting is how the searches have almost all become focused on data driven digital media/online marketing skills and tactics. Here are searches we’ve worked on or are still working, in the first quarter: Design Director Dir. of Digital Advertising Operations Experiential Producer Graphic Designer Marketing Analyst Senior Client Success Manager Senior Creative Research Strategist Senior Digital Media Analyst/Campaign Manager We’ve all known that “Big Data” and the targeting of specific customers, demographics or groups of prospective Clients, has been rapidly growing in use, effectiveness and efficiency. This is the quarter when I’ve realized how truly ubiquitous digital and data are in customer or client outreach and engagement. I’ve previously written about "FutureHire" and how digital skills were becoming a critical component of every search we’ve conducted for the past several years, but it seems to have hit a new level. I’ve historically been as much a consultant as a recruiter to my Clients. My “target Client” is a small to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2019 at The Perfect Fit