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A Jaded Mama
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Adventures of a tired, jaded, somewhat droopy but still crunchy mom
Interests: good fiction, natural health, good food, reusable diapering, the environment in a big way, life as a grown-up, movies with substance, my garden and learning how to make it work
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Food. It's the one thing I think about above all. But I don't think I think about it like your... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2012 at A Jaded Mama
Yes, I'm still here! We've been in MAJOR kitchen renos since mid-January, and I've been in hibernation. Almost done, though,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2012 at A Jaded Mama
Wow, look at that! And here I thought I was on to something. But yes, oven baked trumps fried anyday, no matter what sort of fat you use. Thanks for that link!
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2011 on Poutine, the REAL food way! at A Jaded Mama
I don't know about you but at this time of year I just can't handle cold drinks. I was at... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
Not in my backyard, Maggie! It will be chickens before anything else but then I'll be kicked out of my borough. I'll have to find a farmer to board my cow.
I wrote a post last week based on a Facebook thread that went, well, bad, and it set me to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
Big EW to the frogs. Gag.
Ha! Thanks Joyce! Seriously, though, try JDA. It's very grocery and we rarely get stuff we don't recognize.
Let me preface this post by stating clearly that I could not stick to a budget if it slapped me... Continue reading
Posted Dec 4, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
Hi Rebecca - I roast them for about half an hour.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2011 on Bone Broths 101 at A Jaded Mama
Oops, just noticed this. Will ask!
There's nothing like a Facebook post gone awry to bring out the creativity in the real foodie. A discussion about... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
Autumn made itself known today by dropping the temperature to a chilly 8°C and sending the wind and rain in... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
Sunshinegirl485, yes, the water only just covers the bones when I simmer my stock. Also, I never simmer a chicken carcass for less than 24 hours and beef bones for 72 hours. Christy - I am hoping to find poultry feet tomorrow at the farm I'm going to visit!
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2011 on Bone Broths 101 at A Jaded Mama
Hi Jill, I actually shared another post at Fat Tuesday today but would be happy to share this one too! Kelleigh, Yes, I was particularly proud of that batch because it was the first one I figured out how to gel. Thanks for your wonderful comment!
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2011 on Bone Broths 101 at A Jaded Mama
Come over and join me for discussions on Real Food! Ask your questions, link to your own blog, post your... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
This post was shared on Monday Mania at The Healthy Home Economist, Ruth's Real Foods, Fat Tuesday on Real Food... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
Sonia and Giselle - Glad to have you both along! Sonia, are you doing GAPS on your own or is your family doing it too?
Milk may just do a body good after all, but not YOUR kind of milk. Consider yourself warned. Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
Though I have had every intention of really getting into the Real Food thing on my blog, the problem is... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
ARGH! I need you to teach me how!! Next year though as Fred gave away half the crop and then we've either eaten the rest perfectly ripe or made them into cakes or crumbles. It's a date for next year!
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2011 on Pears Galore at A Jaded Mama
This post was shared at Fat Tuesday I'm so thrilled to have found an organic apple orchard within driving distance... Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
So I took the kids and my parents and headed up to Beaver Lake in order to try out my... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2011 at A Jaded Mama
This post was shared at Real Food Wednesday on Kelly The Kitchen Kop. It took me 32 years to figure... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2011 at A Jaded Mama