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Hi Chris, I'm glad you've found the blog helpful! You actually asked a great question that I got frequently at the EMA table during our recent Club Fairs, so I'm happy to answer what I can here. The Anderson students interested in entering the Music industry is small, but definitely growing. This year, the EMA has added a Vice President of Music to focus on making alumni and recruiter contacts in the industry for Anderson, and we are hoping to hold our first Music 101 event to educate club members on how the MBA fits in to the music business. I'm familiar with at least one student who had an academic internship at Live Nation last year, and I think we'll continue to build relationships with local music companies to open up more opportunities for our students. Let me know if you still have questions on this - I can put you in touch with our VP of Music to learn more. Thanks for reading! Shianne P.S. My boyfriend started his trip in Vienna, then went to Salzburg and Munich, before heading back to Paris!
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Hi Chris, Great question! I was nervous about this, as well, during my application. But then I realized that I was going to business school to learn those skills that I was lacking, and by no means was I expected to already be an expert at them! My advice would be to focus on your strengths - but be aware of your opportunities (i.e. weaknesses). Anderson looks for people who have had diverse and well-rounded experiences, and can contribute unique perspectives to the community here. And remember to stay positive! B-school applications are a tough process, so it's important to stay true to yourself (cheesy, but...true) so that you end up at the school that fits you best. Good luck! Shianne
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